Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

Grön Konsert - Headliner act D.A.D.
Valbyparken, Copenhagen Denmark
July 18, 2004

By: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson
Live photos by: Anders Sandvall

Muskelsvinfonden and Tuborg Beer (Denmark’s biggest beer producer) hosted this years Grön Konsert (Green Concert). The tour was really short as it only stopped in 7 places in Denmark this year and the last show was held this Sunday in Copenhagen.

Grön Konsert always has some really popular artists in their tour package (especially Danish ones) and this year it was Big Fat Snake, Thomas Helmig, Tina Dickow, Jokeren, Nik & Jay and of course this evenings high light act D.A.D. Grön Konsert has ran their shows for about 22 years now and it’s the biggest concert-tour in all of Northern Europe. About 40000 people had come to Valby parken this evening to enjoy the bands, beer, and the sun. The whole tour generated in 5,5 million DKr that goes directly to Muskelsvinfonden (a foundation for people with muscle diseases).


D.A.D. took a break in the recording of their new album that they are recording in Malmö Sweden, to do this mini tour around Denmark. Earlier this year they also played at different festivals in Denmark and at the Sweden Rock Festival.

This year the guys are celebrating 20 years as a band and during those years they have only had one member change, today they have a new drummer instead of the original one.

Before they went into the studio the guys had some vacation and some time off to write new material. The Soft Dogs tour ended in 2002 and I saw them play at Amager (also located in Copenhagen) and after that it has been quiet from the guys until now. It’s not the first time D.A.D.’s playing on Grön Konsert, before this year they have played it in ‘95, ‘98, and in 2000.

The news for this year was that there were two stages. The bands that played on the larger stage got 1hr 15min playtime. I thought that maybe D.A.D. should get more time because they were the headline act, but no, they got as much time as the rest of the bands and that’s kind of strange.

Just as scheduled, the Danish heroes went on stage and they kicked off the show with “Evil Twin” from the album EVERYTHING GLOWS. It seemed like they really enjoyed themselves up on stage and even though they played three songs from the coming album the main focus was songs from EVERYTHING GLOWS. Sadly they only did one song from the last album SOFT DOGS - they could have played more from that brilliant album.


Some of the songs they played included “Road Below Me”, “Everything Glows”, “Something Good” and “Soft Dogs”. They also ran through some classic tracks like “Bad Craziness”, “No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims” and in “Riding With Sue” Stig took over the lead vocals and Jesper did the chorus. Jesper didn’t do so much talking between the songs but that probably was caused by the lack of time. Jesper invited us all to sing along but with thought of the enormous crowd I think that the sing a long was a bit lame, I thought most of the people there have learnt the lyrics by now.

As I wrote earlier they played some new songs that I think go under the names “Camping In Scandinavia”, “It’s A Good Thing” and “I Just Lost My Last Chance To Change”. They sounded very promising and also harder and rougher than the songs on SOFT DOGS. It sounded like they are more back to what they did on RISKIN’ IT ALL and NO FUELS LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS.

The stage was pretty large and the band hadn’t so much gear on it so they could move freely. And that is exactly what the Binzer brothers did. Stig on the other hand wasn’t bad either and this time he had clothes on that made him look like an airforce pilot from the First World War. Those of you who’s followed D.A.D. through the years knows that Stig changes approach for every tour, when I saw them last time at Amager he was a Native American. But just as last time on Amager, Stig only stood on his side an played his two-stringed bass, the Binzer brothers are nowadays the guys who gets the crowd going. Behind Laust, the drummer, they had an old backdrop with the whole band name and their logo – the cow-head who popped up in the fourth song and burst out sparks and flames through it horns.

The ordinary play time was 50 minutes which they rounded off with “Bad Craziness” and some sing a long. Before they went off stage they did encores that started with “Sleeping My Day Away” where the crowd sang the first verse before Jesper took over the mic. In the middle of the song Jakob did a guitar solo and that made the song extra long. After that all of the guys except for Jakob and Jesper who did an acoustic version of their hit “Laugh ‘N’ ½”. After that Jakob told us that the acoustic red guitar he played this song on he had with him during all the concerts but now it was time to say goodbye to it and he threw it out in the crowd.

Before the show was over they did “Marlboro Man” also that one turned into an extra long version with Laust on a shorter drum solo. After that the time was up and they left stage.

Through all the years I’ve seen D.A.D. live they have never done a bad show, this one included. The sound was extremely good despite the show being outdoors, the new songs also sounded terrific. The only minor negative thing this sunny Sunday night was the setlist that left out one of my favorite songs “It’s After Dark”. That song is obligated to end a show with D.A.D. but apparently not this time. It’s like Iron Maiden not playing “Number of the Beast”! That was a big disappointment this otherwise splendid evening.

The guys really showed 40000 people that they are something to reckon with and after 20 years in the business D.A.D. show that they still are one of Denmark’s finest.

Evil Twin
Camping in Scandinavia (new)
Road below me
Soft Dogs
Riding with Sue
It’s a good thing (new)
I just lost the last chance to change (new)
Something good
Everything glows
No fuel left for the pilgrims
Bad Craziness
Sleeping my day away – guitar solo
Laugh ’n’ ½
Marlboro Man – drum solo

Thanks to: Kirsten Baltzer Kahr on Have PR & Communication for help at the show. Thanks to the press-coordinator at the show for help!

More info on the band: www.d.a.d.dk

More info on Green Concert: www.groenkoncert.dk