Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

June 11, 2003 / Nosturi, Helsinki Finland
Text and pictures by Arto Lehtinen

Anthrax, the "Caught in A Mosh" speed metallers, made a visit to Finland after a seven year break. They were welcomed with a very warm reception as the Nosturi club was entirely packed by several hundred of "metal thrashing mad" Anthrax fans.

A couple of days earlier the band changed gears to the maximum level at the Sweden Rock festival causing the metallic ecstasy feeling in the entire packed battle field.



Of course expecting the same kind of show from them was somehow wishful thinking because an indoor gig definitely differs from a normal outdoor festival. Sometimes the atmosphere in a typical indoor gig in a club occasionally rises to another degree caused by the insane wild audience, and above all a band's skills to set more extra power to put on one hell of a show.

Anthrax is known for being one of the most hyper aggressive stage bands. This is mirrored by the audience who appear to be getting into the wildest state of mind by arranging one chaotic event in the pit proving that the night has  definitely succeeded. That is exactly what happened in Helsinki when "What Doesn't Die" roared out of loudspeakers making the whole place look like one kind of madhouse, even someone climbed to a 2 and ˝ meter high bevy and jumped off to the audience, but later got thrown out of the club after doing some normal body surfing. The goings on in the pit turned to be damn wild especially when "Got The Time", "Caught In A Mosh" and other older Anthrax classic tunes hit the ramping moshers, whereas the slower and melodic tracks for example "Black Lodge" a little bit calmed the wild sweat down. Generally the band had perfectly mixed the gig with both the older and newer material picked up from almost every album from their long and colourful career, even "Metal Thrashing Mad" from the first album was played this time. To be honest the newer stuff like "Safe Home" fit perfectly to the set list along with legendary songs like "Madhouse".

The band appeared in the same damn hard strike like in Sweden and Frank Bello's jump performance proved the man is an intense stage monster by being one of the wildest and craziest bassists on the earth. He didn't stay in one single place for not ever more than one nano second. In general the band was like Duracell bunnies going around the stage without any breaks, especially Bush's stage charisma and grip by keeping the show under the control was really impressive even though he was sweating all the time.. And Scott, well Scott is Scott doing the well known "not" jumps, definitely everlasting young man!

The climax of the whole show was experienced during the encore part when both the rap/metal songs "Bring The Noise" and "I Am The Man" were unleashed and the things got a little bit out of hand with the expanding slamming pit going totally nuts which hasn't been testified in this club ever before.

Anthrax definitely surprised people with their full energetic show with a lot of old classic tunes and of course newer material. But the band's vital and refreshing ass kicking stage performance blew at least us away…Welcome back!


Intro - Contact
What Doesn't Die
Black Dahlia
Got the Time
Caught in a Mosh
Safe Home
Inside Out
1000 Points of Hate
Mad House
Black Lodge
Nobody Knows Anything
NFL (Efilnikufesin)

Metal Thrashing Mad
Bring the Noise/I'm the Man
I Am the Law