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Technique Rules! - August 2001


I thought that after quite a few basic exercises I’ve given you until now, this time it would be a good idea to get you through one of my whole compositions. The name of the chosen song is “Sky Rider” and it’s the opening track of my “Borislav Mitic” debut album for Shrapnel (1999).

The intro of the song is featuring multi-tracked guitars playing harmonies. After that it develops further (a main theme - “Verse” modulating to - “Chorus” section) utilizing chromatics and arpeggios in a somewhat melodic way. The playing techniques used are alternate picking and some sweep picking (which I all explained before)… but it’s not too fast. The only really “fast part” is the guitar solo which I suggest you take down slowly section by section because it has some quite “challenging parts”. After the solo (and the post-solo arpeggio break) the main theme repeats again to finish off with harmonized guitar ”outro”.

I think that this whole song is a good “technical exercise” by itself plus it can give you an insight into my approach of constructing a “Neoclassical” type of electric guitar piece. So check out the transcription, listen to the MP3 and…

Have fun!

Borislav Mitic

PS: I would like to thank Dennis C. for the transcription effort…

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