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Technique Rules! - July 2002

Hello everyone,

Last time I gave you an arpeggio concept involving alternate picking. We will remain in the "arpeggio Department" but this time using hammer-ons, pull-offs, and tapping.

The idea is to hammer on with your left hand a simple major (or minor if you desire) triad and add a fourth "chord note" by tapping it with your right hand finger (index or middle). Then you take the same thing and repeat it an octave higher. The "tapped note" can be a major 7th, dominant 7th, etc

For the example I chose the A major 7th arpeggio to keep consistency with the previous lesson. I put a letter T next to the tapped note!

For the sound clip example I used the ESP Ltd H-1000 Deluxe guitar and Rhino Beast head with the Rhino 4X12 cabinet. As you know I tune half step down.

Explore and enjoy!

Borislav Mitic

Exercise Summer 2002:
Tapping A major 7 arpeggio


Check the MP3 for this here!

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