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Diary of an Album - April 2001

Beyond The Music by Borislav Mitic

Hello everyone,

Finally the moment has come for me to announce that I have finished the composing of the songs for my new Shrapnel album. It took a lot more work and much more time than I initially thought it would. But I hope that the waiting will be worthwhile!

The demo of the album is right now on the desk of Mike Varney's (Shrapnel Records Founder and President) office… for "preview approval" purposes. So it's "for his ears only" for the moment. But nevertheless I'll try to give you an insight on what this new album is going to be like.

First of all the album will largely be vocal oriented but still with a few instrumentals containing quite enough "guitar flare" to satisfy anyone who enjoyed my previous instrumental works.

The songs are generally heavier than anything I've done before with a lot of "darker sounding" riffs that took me by surprise and rolled in unexpectedly.

There are still a lot of Neoclassical elements in some of these new compositions - alternating between "tried and true" and "surprising and new". I went through some "uncharted territory" too but still managed to stay in the realms of the logical harmony structures and strong melodic qualities. But the REAL feast of the album are the solos which are more adventurous, expressive and wild than ever before. I pulled all the stops there… so expect surprises! I tried to follow the footsteps of my heroes like Hendrix, Van Halen, SRV, Mclaughlin, Yngwie, Vai,… and build up on that tradition of "Rock Guitar History" taking it somewhere beyond … to some new exciting places.

The guitar sound is definitively going to be better than ever! I am equipped with an arsenal of ESP Guitars now - which allow me to literally "pull off" anything I want and capture almost any sound I can desire on a guitar!

I hope that next time I will be able to present the definite line-up of musicians that will be participating on my album.

Until then,
Have a nice…!

Borislav Mitic

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