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Diary of an Album - November 2000

Beyond The Music by Borislav Mitic

Here I am at the beginning of the story of my new musical journey. Somehow I feel that I am standing in front of the most important thing I have ever done until now - my next “guitar album”…Where will it take me this time?

There are so many different roads to take, different directions to go, different sounds to bring. It is like as if I am standing in a middle of an empty room with my guitar in my hands surrounded by ghost-like melodies, phrases, passages, harmonies swirling around me in some other - worldly dance, waiting for me to reach out for one of them! Waiting for me to grab them from that other dimension and give them birth and a life of their own squeezing them out of the strings of my guitar.

I run my fingers up and down the neck of my six-string letting them “walk” through a few familiar passages and scales. In the past year and a half I have gone a long way and learned a lot. I have a truckload of tapes with new and yet unheard of musical ideas by now… “The fruits of exploring new territories in search of paths that no one has walked on”. New ways to sequence arpeggios, scales, different applications of tapings and hammer-ons, blazing runs from one side of the neck to the other,… But is that enough? To form a structure of endless arpeggios and scale pattern runs executing them perfectly at blinding speed just to “show off” how fast and precise it can be done… that I can!!! But no… That is far from my final goal. For me making music is a search for beauty. I have to find it somewhere, to dig it out like a precious jewel hidden in the earth which is waiting to be found, refined and exposed to those who will appreciate its shine. The music has to take a listener through a hidden gate within himself letting him walk through this timeless imaginary place of memories, feelings, fantasies and dreams. Beyond this world, beyond the music,…

It takes more than just excellent technique to do that! I have to believe in every note that I play and feel it with whole of my being in order for anybody else who is listening to feel it…

I put my foot on the fuzz pedal and dive into a cascade of violin type runs with a Hendrix-like roar in the sound. I am almost able to" see" the sounds coming out of my amplifier in form of colors and suddenly I've got this strange, charming little phrase in my fingers that seemed to jump out of nowhere. I decide to follow it and see where it will take me. The journey has begun!

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