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Diary of an Album - October 2001

Beyond The Music by Borislav Mitic

Hello everyone,

The last "Diary" I made was in April 2001 and now it's October. I guess that many of you wonder what happened in the meantime and what stage the album is at.

Few weeks after sending the tape to Mike Varney (Shrapnel Records President) I had some feedback from him. He was largely impressed by the new material. We agreed that this album was mainly going to be vocal oriented. Although I wrote a lot of instrumental compositions too.

The vocal parts were to be done by this talented new singer Chris Logan whom Mike Varney discovered. The deal was also that I should throw in a few more vocal songs to put the vocal/instrumental balance of songs more in favor to the vocal ones. All of this happened in May so by June I was finished with the new songs and sent the tape to Chris Logan to work on his vocal parts.

I hoped to start recording sometime in September because Chris Logan was going to do the vocals for the new album of the legendary Michael Schenker (who also records for Shrapnel) before doing my record. So September was looking like good for everyone. But Chris was after that engaged for the upcoming tour of MSG which meant that he had to put additional time in preparing the tour apart from "dialing in" my songs. And on top of all that some time consuming personal problems came in Chris's way too. So it was hard to make it happen in September.

And then came the WTC tragedy that threw everything off balance. Accidentally Mike Varney happened to be in Manhattan at that exact moment but fortunately wasn't harmed.

So taking all this into account Mike and I basically agreed to wait and see how things unravel. This means that my new studio album is not going to get started for the moment. The good part of all this is that considering how much musical material I have pilled up by now it is very probable that I will put 2 albums next year. One should be vocal as planned and the other one instrumental.

You will just have to wait a little more but I hope that it will be worth it!


Borislav Mitic

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