Facebook needs to rethink its expensive and patronising 'social VR'

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Facebook needs to rethink its expensive and patronising 'social VR'

Postby sumanthablack123 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:26 am

Facebook is the child that can do no wrong. The social media giant's shares hit an all time high this week after it announced its revenues had soared 45 per cent. Its push into mobile advertising appears to have paid off, with 98 per cent of its revenue coming from paid-for posts. The surge in advertising has had little impact on user growth, too. Facebook's namesake platform now has 2 billion users, while Instagram has 700 million, and WhatsApp has 1 billion visitors a day. Its rivals, meanwhile, are falling by the wayside. Twitter suffered from a drop in revenue and stalled user growth this week, while Snapchat is still trying to navigate its shaky entrance to the stock market.

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