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MEGADETH: 'Holy Wars' remixed & remaster free mp3
Added Saturday, May 29 by Dreamaster
A remixed and remastered version of the MEGADETH track "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" has been posted online in MP3 format at this location:

"Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" comes off the upcoming "Rust In Peace" reissue, due on July 27. A total of seven albums from the group's back catalogue as well as the MD45 record re-sung by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine have been remixed and remastered and will feature added bonus tracks, artwork and detailed liner notes.

The complete list of albums being re-released on July 27 is as follows:

01. "Peace Sells ...But Who's Buying" (1986)
02. "So Far, So Good, So What" (1988)
03. "Rust In Peace" (1990)
04. "Countdown To Extinction" (1992)
05. "Youthanasia" (1994)
06. "Cryptic Writings" (1997)
07. "Risk" (1999)
08. "MD45 - The Craving" (1996)
Source: &

MESHUGGAH Announces U.S. Release Date For "I" E.P.
Added Saturday, May 29 by Lord of the Wasteland
The preliminary release date for "I" is July 13 in the U.S. We have no date yet for the European release of "I", but we'll update you on that as soon as all of you send us ridiculous amounts of money!

FEAR FACTORY Wants You In Their New Video!!
Added Saturday, May 29 by Lord of the Wasteland
"Come see Fear Factory perform the title track to the new album "Archetype"!

Time: 10AM - 4PM This Saturday!

Pay: None

Location: 1111 s. Broadway Downtown LA

Parking: self parking on street

If you are available please contact
Kenneth Dean @ Foundation Talent

(310) 857-0057 office
(310) 925-0592 mbl

Recording Update From AMON AMARTH's JOHAN HEGG
Added Saturday, May 29 by Lord of the Wasteland
The drums are recorded for all the songs and at the moment the guitars are being put on tape. Next week we'll start recording the bass and vocals. Everything is running according to plan, and we've even managed to write a totally new song in the studio that may appear on the album.

Check out the site for more updates as progress continues!

MOTORHEAD - Inferno Update
Added Friday, May 21 by EvilG
The Motorhead legend roars on in 2004 with the release of the new studio album Inferno on June 22 on Metal-Is Records, a division of the Sanctuary Records Group. It's the first album of new, skin-peeling material from vocalist/bassist Lemmy, guitarist Philip Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee since 2002's Hammered and it's the first Motorhead release since last year's critically acclaimed, five-disc, career-spanning box set Stone Deaf Forever!

Guitar legend STEVE VAI makes a guest appearance on two tracks.

Inferno is an appropriate title for Motorhead's latest skull-grinding, internal-organ liquefying album. The 12 tracks are: ‘Terminal Show’, ‘Killers’, ‘In The Name Of Tragedy’, ‘Suicide’, ‘Life's A Bitch’, ‘Down On Me’, ‘In The Black’, ‘Fight’, ‘In The Year Of The Wolf’, ‘Keys To The Kingdom’, ‘Smiling Like A Killer’ and ‘Whorehouse Blues’.

"This album is real musicians playing real music. There were no rules," Lemmy says.

It's not easy for the hard-living, fun-loving rock icon to pick out favorites on Inferno. Every song is special and important.

"Music is very personal. It's just like sex in that way," says Lemmy.

Vai's blazing guitar performances on ‘Terminal Show’ and ‘Down On Me’ were the result of a casual social encounter with Lemmy at the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood.

"I was going in and he was coming out and we ran into each other. I told him we were recording and invited him down to sit in. He took me up on the offer," Lemmy says.

Motorhead has a distinctive musical style - nobody grinds out a furious rock 'n' roll hybrid of heavy metal and punk like this band. But Lemmy always has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Motorhead albums tend to have a song or two that veer away from their trademark sound. On Inferno the honor belongs to the slinky ‘Whorehouse Blues’, appropriately drenched in bluesy acoustic guitar and harmonica.

"I like to surprise people," says Lemmy.

Motorhead's colorful history is well known. Lemmy - born Ian Kilmister - was a former roadie for JIMI HENDRIX and eventually joined the space-rock band HAWKWIND. Lemmy wrote and sang Hawkwind's big 1972 U.K. hit ‘Silver Machine’. Upon exiting Hawkwind after four years, he formed Motorhead in 1975, naming the group after the last song he wrote for Hawkwind. Motorhead's aggressive, uncompromising, balls-out musical style (and personal lifestyle philosophy) shook the music world. Let's be blunt here: Motorhead invented speed metal. But the great thing about Motorhead is that they appealed to both punks and head-banging metalheads.

"We sounded like punk but looked like metal. I always felt we were more punk than metal anyway. I call it rock 'n' roll, but if I had to go down one side or the other I'd say we had more in common with punk than we have in common with heavy metal. We came out at the same time as the punks," Lemmy says.

The band's self-titled official debut album was released in 1977. Motorhead quickly built a rabid following through killer live shows and albums that we able to translate that power. 1981's legendary live album No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith rocketed to # 1 on the U.K. album charts. Another notable album in Motorhead's canon is 1991's critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated 1916, which was nominated for Best Metal Performance. Motorhead earned a second Grammy nomination in 2000 for Best Metal Performance with a tribute to Metallica's Enter Sandman on the ECW: Extreme Music album.

As a live act, Motörhead is untouchable. Few scenes in heavy metal match Lemmy on stage - standing his ground, head tilted slightly upward as he growls ferociously into his microphone and unleashes thunder from his Rickenbacker. Campbell's screaming sonic overload guitar completes the roaring string section, while Dee, surely one of the most inventive and brutal drummers you ever heard, drives along like a locomotive. Live, and on CD and on video, there is no one like them.

Motorhead will promote Inferno with yet another world tour this year. Ashes and rubble will be left in Lemmy, Cambell and Dee's wake.

Inferno is an enhanced CD. The enhancement will allow fans to sign up for Motorhead Internet service at

DOKKEN--New Album & Tour Dates
Added Friday, May 21 by Lord of the Wasteland
DOKKEN will kick off yet another world tour June 17 to promote their new CD, "Hell to Pay", due on July 17 through Sanctuary Records. After 20 years the group continues to have a major recording contract as well as a loyal fan base allowing them to "still follow their bliss and make a living at it" as singer and founder of the group Don Dokken puts it.

"I used to think if you had talent that's all you needed to survive the music business. After all these years I've come to realize you need an equal amount of luck!" says Don.

The 12 songs on "Hell to Pay" view cover at include:

01. The Last Goodbye
02. Don't Bring Me Down
03. Escape
04. Haunted
05. Prozac Nation
06. Care for You
07. Better Off Before
08. Still I'm Sad
09. I Surrender
10. Letter to Home
11. Can You See
12. Care for You (Unplugged Version)

Audio clips of the tracks "The Last Goodbye", "Escape" and "Prozac Nation" can be downloaded at

"We've always taken our music very seriously. But I think it's healthy when you can be self-deprecating," says Don, commenting about a recent show. "We were headlining a concert last summer with a lot of other '80s bands. When we arrived in town we heard a radio commercial that the show was being promoted as a hair ball fest. We bought a can of extra-hold Aqua Net and put our hair as high as we could get it. When we hit the stage we were laughing so hard at each other we barely made it through the first song. We've never considered ourselves a pop band, we've had commercial hits but we've always prided ourselves for our heavy edge."

In the last year between recording their new CD DOKKEN has performed with a crop of new groups such as SEVENDUST, TRAPT, EVE 6 and STAIND.

"It's really a trip when a new generation of fans knows all the words to your songs even though some of them were written 15 years ago or more. It puts a big smile on your face and reminds us that good songs can stand the test of time," says DOKKEN bassist Barry Sparks on performing with STAIND to a sold-out audience of 10,000.

DOKKEN tour dates, according to Pollstar:

Jun. 17 - Burlington, IA @ Steamboat Days
Jun. 18 - West Fargo, ND @ Red River Valley Fair
Jun. 20 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave / Eagles Club
Jun. 24 - Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
Jun. 25 - Cincinnati, OH @ Annie's
Jun. 26 - Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
Jul. 01 - Bottineau, ND @ Wild Rose Ridge Amphitheatre
Jul. 03 - Crown Point, IN @ Lake County Fairgrounds

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