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Yggdrasil are represented
on this CD by the track "Gryningstid" (edit)

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Yggdrasil/Magnus Wohlfart
Lottas Väg 3
245 63 Hjärup

Phone: +46 (0)40 - 460047

Yggdrasil - Biography

Gustaf Hagel and Magnus Wohlfart met on the Internet in early 2001. A few months later Yggdrasil was formed. The purpose of Yggdrasil was to combine the calm and melodic features of old Scandinavian folk music with heavy metal.

The duo started writing songs and lyrics, and were slowly getting ready to record their first demo. But the recording was delayed because of some minor mishaps, and instead Jeremy Child joined the band. This meant that "real" drums would be used instead of a drum machine. Jeremy quickly learned the songs and Yggdrasil was ready to enter Rock Helga Studios in Staffanstorp Sweden on the 9th of December. After two weeks of hard work and intense recording Kvällning was recorded. It features 3 melodic folk metal tracks with a lot of acoustic guitar parts and even some mouth harp on Nordmark. Kvällning also includes the acoustic intro Völvaspá and Älvadansen, which is considered more of an outro then anything else. In total this makes a 5-track demo CD with just over 20 minutes worth of playing time.


Interview Introduction By EvilG

Yggdrasil is definitely a band like no other on this compilation and that's a good thing! When I was picking bands for the compilation, I was hoping to have bands from several different metal styles since I think every form of REAL heavy metal has something to offer. I lucked into getting Yggdrasil on here, or maybe they were lucky as well as they are the only folk metal band on here and as such they stood out! But they are damn good and deserve a spot on here not just to meet some sort of fabricated "quota" but because they are unique and quite talented.

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How did you first learn about

Did a google search for "metal" about 2 years back.



Are you a regular visitor to the webzine?

Yes. I try to visit Metal Rules every day if possible, and I'm not just saying that to kiss your ass, that's actually true.



How important is or the Internet in general for getting your music?

We think the Internet is great, we use it a lot to download music and promoting our stuff.



In your experience, either as a reader or as a band, what has meant to you?

Metal Rules helped me out a lot when I first got into metal a few years back. It's great for keeping updated on what's going on in the metal universe.



Do you think webzines like are, or maybe someday could, replace traditional published magazines?

No we don't think so. There's something special about buying and reading a metal magazine.



Can you please list the members of the band and what they each person plays?

Magnus Wohlfart - Guitars, keys, mouth-harp, backing vocals
Gustaf Hagel - Vocals, bass,
Jeremy Child - Drums, backing vocals



How long has the band been together and what goals would you like to achieve in the coming years with the band?

We've been together for almost two years now. At this point our main goal is to get signed by a label.


In your opinion, what style of metal would you say best describes what you play?

While we would like to think that we include parts from different types of metal, we basically play plain metal together with folk music. So I guess the correct term would be "folk metal".



Who have been some of your main influences?

Vintersorg, Otyg, (old) Dimmu Borgir and Storm to name a few.



Is your band currently signed to a record label or are you currently looking for a label or distribution?

We are not signed at the moment, so in short - yes.



Have you contributed work to other compilation CDs?

Although we've been offered to appear on others, this is the only one we've appeared on so far.



Where did they hear about this compilation?

We read about it on the Metal Rules site.



Why did you choose this compilation to get your music to potential fans?

It seemed like a good deal. To us, Metal Rules represents top quality.



Besides your song, what is the best feature of the Metal-Rules compilation and why?

This is a hard question to answer considering we haven't heard all the other bands. But some of the bands we've heard and like are Jag Panzer, Persuader, Seasons Of The Wolf and Overlord.



Why did you choose this particular song for the compilation?

At the time it felt like our strongest track.



Where did you record the song & who wrote it and produced it? 

Gryningstid (edit) was composed by Magnus Wohlfart.
Arranged by Yggdrasil (re-arranged for this compilation only!)
Lyrics by Gustaf Hagel and Magnus Wohlfart
Recorded at South Coast Recordings, Önnerup, Sweden 7/9-8/9 2002
Mixed and produced by Yggdrasil and Annika Wikström
Engineered by Annika Wikström.


Would you say that your song on this compilation representative of all your material?

Not really. This is probably the track that differs most from our other songs.



What is your song on this compilation about and what was the inspiration behind it?

When I wrote the music for this track I was much inspired by Opeth and Nevermore. It was intended to be heavy but atmospheric. Not much folk music involved in this particular track though. The lyrics are about a forest landscape in the winter (and the result of a boring engineering class).



What about this song made you select it for this compilation OR if your band wrote or recorded a new song specifically for this CD, what things did you have in mind when writing the song for use this compilation?

he original track is over ten minutes long, so we re-arranged it just for the sake of this CD. We felt that this was our strongest track, so that's why we chose it.



What kind of expectations do you have towards this particular compilation? What do you hope to gain by being featured?

By participating on this compilation we hope to get our name "out there". Hopefully people will gain some interest in us and check out our other songs. It's also nice to get some experience in the area, so that we know how these things work in the future.



Are you hoping this might help you in some way gain the kind of exposure that may lead to a label picking you up?



As you know, most of the bands on this compilation are not extremely well known. Do you think a compilation CD with a group of mostly underground bands is a great way to help get your music noticed?

Yes. If the CD only included well-known bands it would be less interesting to check it out, because people would already know about the bands.



What do you think of compilation CD’s overall?

It's great if you're looking for some new bands, but if you're short of money (like most of us are most of the time) you tend to spend your money on bands you already know and like.



What kinds of things should a compilation feature in order to make it worth purchasing and what makes a compilation worthwhile?

Apart from great bands it should include some sort of booklet with info on how to hear more music from the represented bands. It's worthless if it's just in like a paper casing with no info what so ever, like some compilation CDs we've seen.



If you had a chance to put together this type of compilation, what would be some of the unsigned bands you’d like to feature?

Some unsigned bands I like are Of The Fallen, Chastisement and Storskog.



Would you be interested in sacrificing another song for “ - Vol. II” if the opportunity presented itself?

Of course!



Where can people order your other recorded material?

Send a mail to the following address, include money and your address:

Yggdrasil/Magnus Wohlfart
Lottas Väg 3
245 63 Hjärup

Check the website ( for info on prices etc.



What are your band’s upcoming battle plans?

We've just finished the recording of our second demo. It's called I Nordens Rike and includes 35 minutes of new material. Other than that, we're looking for gigs to get some more live experience.



Do you have any live dates coming up that you’d like to list here?

26/12-02 at Kajplats 305 in Malmö, Sweden on stage at 8 pm. We've got at least one gig coming up early next year, but the date isn't final yet.


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