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Seasons of the Wolf are represented
on this CD by the track "Behind The Eyes of Evil"

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Phone: Studio - 941-739-8332

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Seasons of the Wolf
6071 17th Street East Unit #5
Bradenton, Florida 34203


Seasons of the Wolf - Biography

SOTW was formed on October, 31st 1988 by Barry Waddell, Wes Waddell, and Dennis Ristow. 

1988 - 1990: 2 cassette albums recorded and released in Tampa Bay Area only. Recorded at Trick Tracks Studio in Bradenton, Florida. The first line-up included Dwayne Brier on Drums, and Clay Yeagley on Bass.

1991: Phaedra Rubio replaces Clay Yeagley as bassist. The band had met Phaedra a year earlier playing in an all girl rock group called Dangerous Curves at the Friends Of Earth Music Festival. In 1991 SOTW officially starts looking and feeling like a professional band.

1992: Aaron Winders replaces Dwayne Brier as Drummer. Later that year we met recording engineer Bud Snyder (“Uncle Bud”). He had worked with The Allman Brothers for 17 years. He brought SOTW in for a special deal and the band began recording pre-production demos. THE DEMO - Recorded at Telstar Studio Sarasota, Florida - Engineered by Bud Snyder OCTOBER MOON - LAND OF THE DEAD - BEHIND THE EYES OF EVIL - SAY YOU DON’T CARE - SYMBOLS This tape was never released for purchase but did get some local radio airplay of “Say You Don’t Care” and “October Moon”.

1993 - 1998: ROCK WXTB Clearwater, Florida - The “Live Stock Opening Night Party” at the RITZ THEATER Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. What made this an important time was the significance it held for the future. It was the year that Savatage’s lead guitarist Chris Oliva died in a car accident. It also coincidentally marks a time when True Metal seemed to die out from any mainstream attention all together. We got to play at that years opening party for the largest festival gathering in the area “LiveStock”. We made lots of new friends.

1994: In July 1994 after several auditions we hired Wayne Hoefle as our new drummer. October through November - SOTW heads into the studio with new drummer Wayne Hoefle to begin recording the first SOTW album.

1995: TAMPA BAY METAL AWARDS SOTW finishes recording first album. During that fall performed at the last ever Tampa Bay Area Metal Awards. In 1995 SOTW performed several live shows on the west coast of Florida. This is when SOTW started building a worldwide fan base.

1996: First SOTW Self titled Album. Recorded at Telstar Studio, Sarasota, Florida - Engineered & Co- Produced by Bud Snyder Official Release June 1996 on SOTW’s Earth Mother Music. We had waited 2 years to put this album out. The album was still short by 2 songs that never made it to the mixing table. These 7 tracks were to be the first step at building a cult fan base for SOTW around the world.

1996: Hardknocks Records Compilation - MegaXposure Vol #1 SOTW’s “OCTOBER MOON” appears. 

1996: MTV Networks, Viacom International Inc. Dennis Rodman's World Tour - Music segment of “OCTOBER MOON” used for underscore.

1997: Live shows. During 1996 and 1997 while the first album was getting around SOTW developed a live stage presence around the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida. A presence that would always be remembered by the people that came to a SOTW show.

1997: MTV Networks, Viacom International Inc. House Of Style, Kiss And Makeup home video. Music Segments from Self titled SOTW album used for underscore throughout video.

1998: September 1998, Chris Whitford replaces Phaerda Rubio as bassist for SOTW. Phaedra quits the band to get married to a DJ in Oslo, Norway. Chris had been working as a stage tech for SOTW since 1992.

1998: THE SYNDICATE Radio Marketing Metal Department Hired in fall 1998 for 8 weeks to market first SOTW album to over 500 college radio programs in USA and Canada. The first week SOTW was #1 most added in CMJ and HITS industry trade journals, and was #2 most added in FMQB and Album Network.

1998: SOTW makes first music video for song “VICTIM OF DARKNESS”. During the fall of 98 the video was entered into a Sony Music video contest and was selected in the top ten finalists. The songs “Victim Of Darkness” and “October Moon” developed into underground classic status.

1998: Delinquent Records Double Disc Compilation - “The Pink & The Black” - Goth and Glam collection. SOTW’s “VICTIM OF DARKNESS” appears on the Black Disc. This disc got SOTW written about in Spin Magazine, and several other publications.

1998: Worldwide Recordings Limited Compilation - Vancouver, Canada “VICTIM OF DARKNESS” appears.

1999: “LOST IN HELL” SOTW’S second full length album is officially released on Earth Mother Music in March 1999. Recorded, Produced, and Engineered by SOTW at SOTW’S Level -D- Green Studio - Bradenton, Florida

1999: THE ORCHARD SOTW places “Lost In Hell” into the Orchard stock for distribution across the USA and into all major Internet stores. Listed in Valley Media’s Schwann Spectrum Catalog at all major record chains.

1999: THE SYNDICATE Metal Department hired again for radio marketing of “Lost In Hell” Various songs from the album make it into top ten rotation at over 40 college radio stations during the 8 week fall 1999 campaign. In sequence adds are sent to over a 1000 record stores in areas of radio airplay to further stimulate sales. All major music magazines and underground metal zines are hit with sample discs. SOTW’S “Lost In Hell” gets 90% positive reviews and many feature sections.

1999: ADRENALINE RECORDS - A TRIBUTE TO IRON MAIDEN - Titled “Children Of The Damned” Released in summer of 1999. Double Disc package with second disc containing original track by featured tribute bands. SOTW covers Iron Maiden song “FLASH OF THE BLADE” and SOTW’s song “OCTOBER MOON” is used on second disc.

2000: ADRENALINE RECORDS - Re-release of SOTW’S “Lost In Hell” throughout Europe, Japan, and South America. Digi-pak with Extra Bonus track “LAND OF THE DEAD” recorded live at The State Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida.

2000: ADRENALINE RECORDS - A TRIBUTE TO QUEEN - Titled “The Attack Of The Dragons” Released summer 2000. Double Disc with second disc containing original songs by featured bands from around the world. SOTW covers Queen song “WE WILL ROCK YOU”. SOTW’S Song “S.O.S.” was originally suppose to be on the second disc but by accident “ABANDONED CITY” got placed on. The text still reads SOS. Maybe it will be a collectors item some day?

2000: MIDWEST METAL A (MK2) BLACK SABBATH TRIBUTE for the DIO YEARS. Titled “Dehumanized Witch” Released in summer of 2000. SOTW covers Black Sabbath song “BURIED ALIVE” from the Dehumanizer LP.

2001: VIDEO’S Produced for songs “Lost In Hell” - “Interstellar” - and “Magnetic Star”

2001: SOTW ALBUM titled “NOCTURNAL REVELATION” released in late Fall 2001. 

2002: Late 2002, Volume I Compilation - “BEHIND THE EYES OF EVIL” appears.


Interview Introduction By EvilG

Seasons of the Wolf are one of the bands on here that I was already a fan of long before I thought to do a compilation CD. I had no idea they'd wind up on this CD and with a song title so fitting...ha! As mentioned in the below interview, SOTW's style is hard to nail down, which is a good thing of course. As a result I really had no idea what type of a track SOTW would deliver. I took the chance though and confirmed their spot on the CD based on the strength of their prior material that I've heard. One evening in October 2002 Skully called me at home from the SOTW "Command Center" and played some of the song over the phone. Even though I head it through a long distance phone line, what I heard sounded great. So you can imagine how good it sounds in full stereo on the CD!!!  :-)

The below interview is with SOTW's guitarist, Skully.

Reviews: Lost In Hell, Nocturnal Revelation


How did you first learn about

I heard about it through searching for Internet resources to promote SOTW. Then again at Snakenet and decided to send a package.



Are you a regular visitor to the webzine?

I visit Metal-Rules about once a month when doing updates to our links. We have quite a nice page of banner links to good promotion resources for metal and is right there. We call our links page the SOTW Worldwide Allied Forces page. It is a good place for any band looking for strong support of a metal release.



How important is or the Internet in general for getting your music?

Well, we started SOTW back in 1988 and for several years had a nice build up through the underground fanzines. Once the Internet starting catching on in 1996 many of those same people started webpages for their zines and the quick communication of the Internet really helps speed things along a bit more. It is a very important tool these days. Bands must have it.



Barry (Skullywolf) WaddellIn your experience, either as a reader or as a band, what has meant to you? is what I consider to be one of the veterans on the Internet. Strong support for our particular genre of music and a very good source for more visual layout. People like eye candy and Metal-Rules has that and more with good in-depth reviews of a release.



Do you think webzines like are, or maybe someday could, replace traditional published magazines?

As we head into the future it is hard to tell what may happen.

It is very important to have the Internet, but at the same time people still like getting those magazines to read in their hand while sitting at the dentist office or taking a lunch break. I don't think regular print media will go away any time soon. But, I also think the Internet is becoming a strong competitor.

Younger people seem to use the Internet more for this particular genre of music and that is a good thing with so much confusion going on about what real metal is these days. I think online mags such as Metal-Rules has helped to clear up some of that confusion and educate younger fans about the real deal and the newer bands that play the real deal.



Can you please list the members of the band and what they each person plays?

SOTW's current line-up:
Wes Edward Waddell - Vocals
Barry (Skully) Waddell - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Dennis Ristow - Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Bill Bois - Bass
Wayne Hoefle - Drums



How long has the band been together and what goals would you like to achieve in the coming years with the band?

Wes Waddell SOTW has been together with my brother Wes, Dennis and I as the 3 original members since Oct, 1988.

We are using fill-in players right now for drum and bass but shopping for new permanent replacements.

So, SOTW has always been and always will be together as long as the 3 originals remain intact.

Right now we are concentrating on searching for a new drummer. Meanwhile still working in the studio recording new tracks for our 4th album, and producing several music video for a SOTW rockumentary of sorts that will include interviews and other special eyecandy. We plan to release that on DVD as soon as it is finished.

Touring the world is always in our mind. Hopefully in the near future we will have created enough demand to do just that. Until then...we keep busy.

We have plans to release 3 more albums in the next 2 years, and one of them will be live.



In your opinion, what style of metal would you say best describes what you play?

Ahhhh yes. What style? I suppose we can just call it good old traditional, dark, melodic, atmospheric, heavy metal. But, wait...that would be too long I think. At this point we really don't know anymore.

It really depends on which SOTW track you are listening. We have a couple songs that are more progressive rock and would not even fit heavy metal. But.. only a couple. I have to admit we like to stay heavy most of the time.

So, lets just make things simple and call SOTW a Heavy Metal Band. hahaha



Who have been some of your main influences?

Dennis RistowBlue Oyster Cult, Montrose, Thin Lizzy, Tangerine Dream, Black Sabbath, Utopia, Iron Maiden, and a ton of others. We would not be able to list them all.



Is your band currently signed to a record label?

We are signed to our own label, Earth Mother Music - Worldwide Independence.



Are you currently looking for a label or distribution?

Always looking for more distribution. As far as major labels go, we would do a exclusive deal for manufacturing/distribution. But, they would have to be cool, like what we have put together on our own, and the deal would have to be sweet.

We all know that a deal like that dose not, until one does we will continue on with non-exclusive deals with several small labels around the world as we have been doing.

We have 32 distributors now. Some large, some small. But, it works. Mostly all we need is a nice chunk of cash to get more exposure.



Have you contributed work to other compilation CDs?

Yes. We have been on 7 other compilations and 3 Tribute albums.

Iron Maiden - Children Of The Damned
Black Sabbath - Dehumanized Witch
Queen - The Attack Of The Dragons

All the other compilations out have songs from our first 3 albums. That is what is very different about the Compilation. We recorded the new SOTW song "Behind The Eyes Of Evil" exclusively for Metal-Rules. A fan of SOTW will not be able to get that song on any other disc unless it ends up on a SOTW live album sometime in the future.



Where did you hear about this compilation?

I was hanging out at SnakenetMetalRadio and saw the ad.



Why did you choose this compilation to get your music to potential fans?

It fits. And I know it will reach a lot of cool people.



Besides your song, what is the best feature of the Metal-Rules compilation and why?

All the people and bands involved in making this disc are way cool in our book, and the artwork is cool.



Why did you choose this particular song for the compilation?

hahaha Well....we all know EvilG. And it was really a coincidence that our new song was titled "Behind The Eyes Of Evil".

How appropriate. Funny how that shit just works out sometimes.



Where did you record the song & who wrote it and produced it?

  • Seasons Of The Wolf - Behind The Eyes Of Evil

  • Written 1994

  • Lyrics by Wes Edward Waddell

  • Music by Barry "Skully" Waddell, and Dennis Ristow

  • Produced by Skully and recorded at our very own Level-D-Green recording studio in Bradenton, Florida during October 2002.

  • Engineered by Dennis Ristow

  • Mixed by Skully and Dennis Ristow

  • Published by Earth Mother Music / ASCAP



Would you say that your song on this compilation representative of all your material?

Absolutely not. We have many twists and turns. It is a good representation of maybe 30% of our writing style and subject matter.



What is your song on this compilation about and what was the inspiration behind it?

It is about a Wizard. But, is it a good or evil wizard? You never know what goes on behind the eyes of evil. Basically we were just toying around with the simple idea that you never know what is going on in some peoples minds. We just took it from there and my brother has a good way with words and came up with the lyrics. It is one of those songs where the music and lyrics came together simultaneously.



What about this song made you select it for this compilation?

We were going to record it for our 4th album. But, then the opportunity came to be on this compilation. And again the simple fact that the title goes along with EvilG struck us funny. It was just way too cool not to give it to Metal-Rules. We also know this song is a powerfully original melodic form of atmospheric metal and will ad a bit more diversity to the compilation.



What kind of expectations do you have towards this particular compilation?

I hope it sells out and makes a nice chunk of cash for



What do you hope to gain by being featured?

More exposure of SOTW therefore selling more of our catalog, therefore creating more demand and adding one more feather in our wolf-cap.

We can use all the help we can muster, mister.



Are you hoping this might help you in some way gain the kind of exposure that may lead to a label picking you up?

Sure, why not. At least get their interest so we can turn them down. hahaha No really....we do like exposure to anyone in the business and welcome anyone that may become interested to check out SOTW a bit more close-up.



As you know, most of the bands on this compilation are not extremely well known. Do you think a compilation CD with a group of mostly underground bands is a great way to help get your music noticed?

Sure. If it is packaged and promoted properly it will damned sure help everyone involved in some way whether it be big or small.



What do you think of compilation CD’s overall?

Out of 8 so far that we have been on only 3 of them are cool.

Metal-Rules is in the cool catagory. Over-all...most compilations are very poorly put together and the mastering is usually lousy.



What kinds of things should a compilation feature in order to make it worth purchasing and what makes a compilation worthwhile?

All the artists providing professional recordings. Music needs to be some what genre consistent but, also diverse. The mastering sonics should be consistent as possible. The artwork needs to be cool. All the information for bands available just in case a fan or resource wants direct contact.



If you had a chance to put together this type of compilation, what would be some of the unsigned bands you’d like to feature?

Twisted Tower Dire (from US) , Frost (from Norway), Abigail (from Romainia), Solitude (from Japan), Iron Cross (from US), Beyond Salem (from Canada). Oh...there is more. Many more.



Would you be interested in sacrificing another song for “ - Vol. II” if the opportunity presented itself?

Of course. We have plenty. Just let us know when!



Where can people order your other recorded material?

101 Distribution, Hellion Records Germany,, CDnow, and all the Transworld owned retail outlets across America such as FYE mall stores.



What are your band’s upcoming battle plans?

A handful of live shows in our west coast region of Florida and finishing up the 70 minute SOTW music video rockumentary.



Do you have any live dates coming up that you’d like to list here?

We will be playing a 2 hour show at the Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida on Friday night January 3rd, 2003....about 5 weeks from today.


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