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Rest In Pain are represented on this CD
by the track "With Inner Light of Supreme Truth"



Rest In Pain - Biography

Below is Rest In Pain's BIZARRE biography form their website! :)

The band was formed in 1999 at the very eve of a global Apocalypse. The pre-apocalyptic participants were Val, master of spells, Romm, monster legion drummer, and Burt, preacher and butcher with six-string axe, and then Andrew, silent murderer.

The campaign was childless. Just few miscarriages did not see daylight ever, having been buried under the fragments of the fatal end, taken Romm and Burt away for ever and ever. The funeral was uninhabited. But, band resurrected with a darker mood risen in ashes. Having become uglier, the child of one year of age born its first creature with name "Leprosy Of Subconscious" having been filled with lots of hatred and psycho-nervous tunes.

After a while, all pilots of heavy artillery were choking down with their own hot blood and falling downstairs to inferno itself.

The rest of still alive players, once walking along a near cemetery, saw a man who was wearing a welding mask and was burying a tomb with a tool made of human bones and nerves of five. His sack was full of human eyeballs. Christophor was working hard. All the recently living creatures who had lost their eyes were being buried safely under the ground.

Christophor proved to be a nice guy and soon agreed to enter the colony of Rest In Pain.

But... Ouch!!! What I see?!... We all noticed Vaddah, gory blacksmith. The instruments of torture he invented were smeared with pig's brains and put temporarily aside. He was standing outside his forge on the bank of a mad river and convincing a group of little children to die for a life by drowning themselves beneath fatal waters 'cos it was the absolute purpose and the best thing for any living creature. The children gratefully walked into the wild floods spelling "yes..., yes..., death..." and disappeared having abandoned. I'd really fallen in love with Vaddah.

Having once felt the taste of blood and flesh, Vaddah's brain said thou gotta eat it, host... He was eating for over a year and a half, he ate too much and then got extremely fat. Since then he couldn't even walk but wasn't able to stop eating until being burst. The darkness fell down. It's a pity, he was pretty good...

Time was going ahead. The Sun was getting hotter and the Earth softer, rivers wasted away and swamps lost their beds under bones. All living creatures went down beneath the ground... We decided to cross the mountain range for searching for necessities to live a little bit longer in a distant land. One can't count how many foes were killed or skinned alive. None of us wanted to keep either noses or ears having been cut, so only the brains were extracted. So, after a victory we found out a face having wrapped up with golden foil in Andrew's backpack. It have been captured somewhere and haven't been noticed before. The face was calling itself Jack. It talked us about his having been bewitched by the Moon long ago with a magical formula that was destroyed with Andrew's miraculous murder mechanism. It turned out that Jack had once seen a drum and... He had just no chance to refuse... So, we're four again like the world's sides.

(to be continued...)


Interview Introduction By EvilG

Once again, Russia's Rest In Pain was a new band to me... once more proving just how many great metal bands are out their that are just waiting to be unearthed from all corners of the Earth. Rest In Pain's technical thrash/death metal sound is something that not as many bands as you think play, at least not quite like this! It's not that often that a band like RIP raise their heads to the world. Thankfully for us all, they have done so for this compilation.

The below interview is with Rest In Pain vocalist/guitarist, Val.

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How did you first learn about

I was told about it by our new drummer Jack as the biggest music resource on the internet.



Are you a regular visitor to the webzine?

Yes, I am a fairly regular visitor. At least once a day I am reading it through.



How important is or the Internet in general for getting your music?

For today the internet is the most important way to let people listen to our music. I cannot call our sort of music widely popular, that’s why I guess the internet is the almost only effective way to release something.



In your experience, either as a reader or as a band, what has meant to you?

Personally for me, is a convenient way to be aware of news or something and to joke in the board...



Do you think webzines like are, or maybe someday could, replace traditional published magazines?

I am convinced they could.



Can you please list the members of the band and what they each person plays?

Val Brewer – guitar, vocal;
Andrew Bald – guitar;
Christophor Moleskin – bass;
Jack Daniel - drums



How long has the band been together and what goals would you like to achieve in the coming years with the band?

The band was formed in November 28th, 1999. Only Val and Andrew left since the original line-up. In the coming years we are going to further present our music to the world, participate in variety of compilations, and also give surprises.



In your opinion, what style of metal would you say best describes what you play?

Most likely it must be technical death metal, but we call it psycho-death metal (or math-death metal).



Who have been some of your main influences?

The guys (who influenced us) were from Pestilence, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and early Metallica.



Is your band currently signed to a record label?

Currently we are not signed to a record label but probably would like to.



Have you contributed work to other compilation CDs?

Yes, at the same time we gave 2 more songs, one for a compilation, and another - for a tribute CD. Both expected to come out in January-February, 2003.



Where did they hear about this compilation?

Of cause, at



Why did you choose this compilation to get your music to potential fans?

I thought it would be a great idea if our music penetrates another continent together with music of those who have been known or even popular there. This is a real chance to scream out we are here.



Besides your song, what is the best feature of the Metal-Rules compilation and why?

It's especially nice there is a serious approach to the producing of the compilation.



Why did you choose this particular song for the compilation?

This was the first song we were working on at a professional studio. To my mind, it is symbolic and it just must succeed...



Where did you record the song & who wrote it and produced it?

I’d like not to separate band’s poets, composers, and musicians. Without everybody’s participation the song wouldn’t see daylight ever. As for us there is no difference between what every one brings into our music exactly, either all song stuff or an insanely played note. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Moscow at Sound Age studio by Lazar. He is our friend and also musician. He is aware what is necessary to do to get music.



Would you say that your song on this compilation representative of all your material? 

Of course not. Our works are special musical polyhedron. This song is one of it’s edges. All our songs or edges complement one another to become whole.



What is your song on this compilation about and what was the inspiration behind it?

The featured song is about unusual human’s state when one cannot implement something very simple but is very good at doing extraordinary things and irrelevant at the same time. I am not sure how it is called but I surely know it is. As for the inspiration, this was a fanciful construction resulted from realizing existence and books having been read.



What about this song made you select it for this compilation?

This song was written long ago and was one of the songs that had been destined for our demo CD.



What kind of expectations do you have towards this particular compilation? What do you hope to gain by being featured?

We expect a wide presentation of this compilation and invitations to participate in different shows far from our homeland...



Are you hoping this might help you in some way gain the kind of exposure that may lead to a label picking you up? 

We certainly hope it is...



As you know, most of the bands on this compilation are not extremely well known. Do you think a compilation CD with a group of mostly underground bands is a great way to help get your music noticed?

All ways are good to get music noticed. This would be even more effective if the compilation is of a big quantity of copies and the approach to the distribution of the CD is adequate.



What do you think of compilation CD’s overall?

I believe the compilation will be capable to reflect the overall condition of heavy music in the world and also labels’ and distributors’ attitude to such the releases.



What kinds of things should a compilation feature in order to make it worth purchasing and what makes a compilation worthwhile? 

A compilation must not contain excessive information and must be “expensively” decorated. No one needs to economize money on a quality product.



If you had a chance to put together this type of compilation, what would be some of the unsigned bands you’d like to feature?

I don't know, it's not very easy for me to answer this question.



Would you be interested in sacrificing another song for “ - Vol. II” if the opportunity presented itself?

We’d love to.

Where can people order your other recorded material?

At the moment, at our website and variety of compilations we participate in.



What are your band’s upcoming battle plans?

Our closest goal is to record and release our debut CD and I hope we will manage to do this at near time. Generally, we are going to keep on playing good and quality music.


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