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Metal Terror are represented
on this CD by the track "Baptized By Napalm Rain"

Contact Mental Terror at:
Antti Klemi
Lemmikinkatu 3
53810 Lappeenranta
Suomi, Finland



Mental Terror - Biography

The monster known as Mental Terror started to roll few years ago, when the words "baptized by napalm rain" came to A. Klemi s (twisted) mind. At that time, A. Klemi lived (and still lives) through strong old school death metal, so a plan about starting the band was an axiom. But because he didn't (and still doesn't) have any kind of musical skills, he needed some twisted musicians to make his sick dreams come true. A. Klemi told this to his friends Womb Raider and G. Orgis, who were (and still are) playing already in heavy metal machine called Steel Tormentor and a more misanthropic band called Laconian. But all three got some hurries in band- and school life, so the band, which was baptized as Mental Terror, remained on an idea level in the back of the head.

In the beginning of 2001 this idea came back to the table. Womb Raider and G. Orgis started to make hate filled songs with A. Klemi's dark lyrics. A demo-tape in the end of summer was set as a goal. For bass and second guitar they coaxed two friends from a Finnish black metal band, Lauri "Sexual Hammer" and Andy Mayhem. Early periods thoughts about Dismember/Entombed oriented death metal band turned out in strong and hairy hands of Womb Raider and G. Orgis to the current form: brutal death/thrash metal gluttony with furious grind-parts.

During the summer the band practiced quite infrequently, but the musical background of the band members guaranteed, that the songs were well in their heads. In 4. 6. of August Mental Terror spend their time in Digibone studio, four-song-MCD "Necessary Evil" as the result.

Mental Terror has only the one goal: worldwide terror. Band is by no means commited religiously, politically etc., although healthy misanthropy lives in every Terrorist. Lyrics deal primarily with usual death metal topics: war, death, hate.

Interview Introduction By EvilG

Mental Terror were a new band to me who asked about being on this compilation. They let me hear a few of their songs and the track "Baptized By Napalm Rain" is the one that grabbed me the most. No other band on this compilation sound quite like Mental Terror with their raw, loose black/death sound. That fact, combined with me loving the song from the get go made them a perfect fit for the compilation. This song was available on a previous Mental Terror demo which did not see widespread release or distribution. As a result, I also thought this track and band would make a great addition to the CD. 

The below interview is with Mental Terror's drummer, W.R..

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How did you first learn about

Personally, I was told by a friend that there was this webzine which had a pro-touch in their work and they were committed to what they were doing. So, I just took the time to check it out. The zine itself was a pleasant surprise, since the Internet is usually full of those cheesy-wannabe-zines with idiotic questions... I think you know what I mean.



Are you a regular visitor to the webzine?

Well, due to my way of life, I can't visit the site on regular basis, but I think "every now and then" would be appropriate answer to this one... I guess about once or twice a week.



How important is or the Internet in general for getting your music out?

As I mentioned earlier, (the) Internet is full of very poor sites with no other purpose than spreading idiocy and cheesy clichés. Now, as far as Metal-Rules is concerned, I'm pleased that there is some actual information, good links, news etc. etc. Well, I guess I prefer information to show-off-mentality...



In your experience, either as a reader or as a band, what has meant to you?

As I said, as a reader I enjoy the fact that Metal-Rules is dedicated to publishing accurate information rather than some cheap "propaganda" - so to speak. As a band, Metal-Rules provides us with a medium to let people know what we do and what we stand for.



Do you think webzines like are, or maybe someday could, replace traditional published magazines?

I hope not! Seriously speaking, I think that webzines have established a steady platform for themselves, as far as those who use the net on a daily basis are concerned. However, personally I prefer holding the actual magazine, be it newspaper or a fanzine, in my hand and just leaf through it, or really read it thoroughly. I guess it's a question of being accustomed to something... Anyway, I don't believe that webzines will replace traditional publications, but I think their weight as sources of additional information will grow / increase.



Can you please list the members of the band and what they each person plays?

W.R. - Drums & backing vocals
A. Mayhem - Guitar
G. Orgis - Guitar
Lauri 'Sexual' Hammer - Bass
A. Klemi - Vocals



How long has the band been together and what goals would you like to achieve in the coming years with the band?

Mental Terror has been together since... err... I can't remember. Hah. Was it the spring of 2000 or -01? Okay, now I got it: The idea of establishing a death/thrash-metal band came from A. Klemi in the spring of 2000. We were spending a national holiday, boozing and listening to some great d-m records, and then Klemi just told me that he had always wanted to sing in a d-m-band. At the state of mind we were at the moment, we quickly made some rough overall plans, but never had the time to get any further from that state... Everything was more or less calm until we came to spring of 2001, when we managed to light the fire, so to speak. We booked a studio and started to rehearse... 2 times, and that's about it.

The future seems interesting. We did some musical experiments, drifting into more technical thrash-metal, but we quickly realized that it lacked the original spirit of Mental-Terror - hellish rocking with a twist of misanthropy. After learning what was "our thing" it became a lot easier to come up with songs that satisfied the band, and at the moment I just can't wait to get to rehearse the new songs and just let all my energy burst out. So, the tippy-toe-thrashing-days are more or less over and we'll be heading for more deathlike sounds again.



In your opinion, what style of metal would you say best describes what you play?

Well, as I said before, our music is a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal with a twist of Rn'R...



Who have been some of your main influences?

Musically, I think that bands like Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Morbid Angel...Early Black-Metal bands, such as Dark Throne... This list will be endless. But anyway, no matter how long the list might be, the important thing is that we are not trying to be any of those bands. We are not interested in picking up ready-made formulas for Mental Terror; though we derive our ideas from the work that has been done before.  It would quite ridiculous to claim that we were 100% original.



Is your band currently signed to a record label?

Mental Terror is not signed to any label, and naturally we are interested in signing to one. Anyway, we don't take too much pressure about it, since we know we will keep on banging our heads with or without any major deals. Of course it would make things slightly easier, and possibly allow us to do things that are currently impossible...



Have you contributed work to other compilation CDs?

No we haven't. We weren't that interested in contributing our work to some crappy low-budget compilation with no other purpose than to cash in. This doesn't mean that we are not interested in what happens in the underground, we just think that we have seen enough crap. What happens in the real underground has nothing to do with some idiot trying to cash out. Since this wasn't the case with Metal-Rules, we were happy to participate.



Where did they hear about this compilation?

We spotted the ad on Simple as that.



Why did you choose this compilation to get your music to potential fans?

Mainly it was because we felt comfortable enough with the people behind this compilation. And all in all, we thought that it might be a good idea to try it out...



Besides your song, what is the best feature of the Metal-Rules compilation and why?

Well, in general compilations give people a nice overview of what is going on in the world of metal and they may result to something nice for some bands. Otherwise, compilations may come in handy i.e. while driving a car - it's nice to listen to different kinds of bands without having to mess around with the CDs all the time.



Why did you choose this particular song for the compilation?

Well, we just gave You guys a bunch of different songs, and it was actually one of You, who chose the song. I'd say - however - that "Baptized by Napalm Rain" is a pretty good example of our music, and hence a natural choice.


Where did you record the song & who wrote it and produced it? 

All music, arrangements and lyrics: Mental Terror.
Produced by Mental Terror and Arto Mäki-Kuusela.
Recorded at Studio Digibone, Ylämaa, Finland / August 8-10. 2001.
Engineered and mixed by Arto Mäki-Kuusela and Mental Terror.



Would you say that your song on this compilation representative of all your material?

If you leave out the experiments we did last summer - yes, pretty well actually.



What is your song on this compilation about and what was the inspiration behind it?

It is about how we see certain things in the world today, and what we think about them. It's about the choices people make and the values that drive them to make those choices. It's about extending one's middle finger to certain ways of life and pointing out some things that need to be changed. However blunt it may be, it is not to be seen as a manifesto or anything like that. It's just a glimpse of what's going on in our minds... hah hah.



What about this song made you select it for this compilation OR if your band wrote or recorded a new song specifically for this CD, what things did you have in mind when writing the song for use this compilation?

We didn't actually record the song for this compilation. We recorded it a lot earlier, but as I said before, we felt comfortable with this one, so there was no reason for us to skip this.



What kind of expectations do you have towards this particular compilation? What do you hope to gain by being featured?

Nothing special actually. We're just glad to make an effort and let people know that things can be done this way too. Of course, the possibility of future co-operation with some other bands or maybe a label is always interesting.



Are you hoping this might help you in some way gain the kind of exposure that may lead to a label picking you up? 

Why not? Anyway, we don't have any grand expectations. We know the song is great and if someone is interested in working with us, that's great, if not, we are not too concerned about it. We'll keep on thrashing anyhow.



What do you think of compilation CD's overall?

As I said before, compilations give people a nice overview of what is going on, further more they can come in handy if one wants to listen to more than just one artist, but doesn't have the energy or the time to change the CDs all the time.



What kinds of things should a compilation feature in order to make it worth purchasing and what makes a compilation worthwhile?

Altogether, a good compilation gives a clear picture of what is going on at the moment. They are also a great way to capture a small portion of musical history of that certain time.



If you had a chance to put together this type of compilation, what would be some of the unsigned bands you'd like to feature?

Well, Khert-Neter would be one for sure. They really know what they're doing! There are loads of good bands... I don't know... Ravening, Steel Tormentor (not the one from USA. - those guys really suck! I'd take the one from Finland).



Would you be interested in sacrificing another song for " - Vol. II" if the opportunity presented itself?

Sure, absolutely.



Where can people order your other recorded material?

Write e-mail to and tell us what you want... We'll see if we can be bothered to answer... hah...No, seriously, just write to us, and we'll answer in time.



What are your band's upcoming battle plans?

Well, personally I can't wait to get my hands into the new material, which means rehearsing and arranging, and hopefully recording. I'm not making any promises about further live-shows, due to some reasons that are none of anyone else's concern.



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