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ºFahrenheit are represented
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ºFahrenheit - Biography

ºFahrenheit was born during the summer of 2001, when JP Lewin and Carlos Otto along with another friend composed the nostalgic glam-metal ballad , "Be mine". Deeply influenced by 80's rock masters Bon Jovi, Kiss, Europe, Journey, etc. bassist JP and guitarist C. Otto decided to form a hard-rock styled band that would recapture this intense and spectacular form of music.

After recording the first version of "Be mine" with lead singer Christopher "Chaz" Thomson, a long-time school friend and experienced vocalist, they started looking out for more musicians to form a serious band. Another good friend, talented guitarist Gabriel "pickblade" Hidalgo, was chosen to join this new born band which was first called "Sovereign". Shortly after, Diego Bombardiere would take on the drums and Misty Eye's drummer Cristian Klotz would play the keyboards.

This line-up didn't last long, for Gabriel and Cristian departed due to musical differences and other compromises respectively. Later Gabriel joined "Six magics", a great heavy metal band. Nevertheless, "Sovereign" had great times together which the band fondly remembers.

Replacing Gabriel Hidalgo, arrives 16 year old lead guitarrist Javier Bassino, whose talent and enthusiasm would give the band a big leap forward. At this time the band was renamed "Roadkill". Soon the band began the recording of two promotional singles: "Chains n' cellars" and "Be mine" (final version), and started playing numerous gigs around town.

In November 2001, the band would reach big success with both singles being played at local radio stations (Rockaxis 40) and reaching first place in several South American categories at under the name "ºFahrenheit", the definite name for the band.

During 2002 ºFahrenheit was invited to its first big show with renown Chilean rock bands such as Six Magics, The shrink and guitar master Alejandro Silva. From then onward the band kept working on new songs, the web page, more gigs, and started recording their first production, "CHAIN REACTION", an EP consisting on 6 tracks of pure rock n' roll.

In October 2002 ºFahrenheit was invited to become part of the compilation " - Volume I", among worldwide rock bands including heavy-metal veterans, Jag Panzer.

Actually the band is working on the new songs that will be on their debut long play album, which they promise to satisfy eager rock fans all over the world.

Interview Introduction By EvilG

ºFahrenheit come from way off the beaten heavy metal path being from Chile. They also play a metal style that not many new bands bother with - glam metal. When I first heard ºFahrenheit I immediately thought of 80's glam metal bands like Skid Row, L.A. Guns, etc. I know some metal fans do not really like these types of bands, but many of us here at (including myself) still like this style of metal. I feel this style has a place and as such has a place on the compilation CD. I'm sure there are other (perhaps older) metalheads who still have somewhat of a perhaps hidden desire to hear some of this style of metal again. For all of you, here is ºFahrenheit.

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How did you first learn about

Searching the web for a good Metal page that supports new talents and informs about metal bands worldwide.



Are you a regular visitor to the webzine?

Yes. It's included in our bookmarks.



How important is or the Internet in general for getting your music out?

The web is an endless resource for music. Anything you want is only a click away; info, albums, new bands, old bands, tour dates, etc. The web is, by far, the best resource for music fans. is a perfect example.



In your experience, either as a reader or as a band, what has meant to you?

As a band, Metal-Rules gave us the opportunity to be part of our very first compilation which will allow our music to be heard across the world. We never thought such a thing would happen so easily. That's the reason why Metal-Rules means so much for the band.



Do you think webzines like are, or maybe someday could, replace traditional published magazines?

Indeed, it's hard to spend your money on an expensive magazine while you can read and get a lot more in the web. Internet will replace a lot of things in the future.



Can you please list the members of the band and what they each person plays?

Christopher "Chaz" Thomson - lead singer;
Javier Bassino - lead guitar & backing vocals;
Carlos Otto - rhythm guitar & backing vocals;
J.P. Lewin - bass guitar;
Diego Bombardiere - Drums.



How long has the band been together and what goals would you like to achieve in the coming years with the band?

We have been together for over a year and a half, and the main goal has always been to have a good time playing and show the people what rock n' roll is. We try to make the best show out of our live performances, we make the crowd sing, shout, have a good time and try to make them feel what we feel up there. The other goals include the usual; recording as many albums as possible, travel around the world playing live and get as many chicks and drinks we can (he he).



In your opinion, what style of metal would you say best describes what you play?

80's Glam-metal is a very accurate description, though we don't like to categorize our music so strictly.



Who have been some of your main influences?

Bands like Guns n' Roses, Skid Row, Poison, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Journey, Europe, etc. and much heavier bands have always been an influence too; Megadeth, Iron Maiden etc. They are too many to list them all.



Is your band currently signed to a record label?

Not yet, but we are looking for a record label to publish our music. Meanwhile we are doing everything by ourselves.



Have you contributed work to other compilation CDs?

Nope, this is the first time.



Where did they hear about this compilation?

On the web page.



Why did you choose this compilation to get your music to potential fans?

'Cause it gathered bands from all over the world including different styles of rock which means that there's bound to be a taste for everyone.



Besides your song, what is the best feature of the Metal-Rules compilation and why?

Jag Panzer and having Mark Briody master the CD.



Why did you choose this particular song for the compilation?

Because it's a song which will reach even the more heavier listeners.



Where did you record the song & who wrote it and produced it? 

Chains 'n' Cellars was written by Chaz Thomson, Carlos Otto & J.P.Lewin. The song was recorded, mixed and engineered at J.B. Studios, Santiago, Chile, by Javier Bassino our lead guitar player, and he's only 17 years old! The song was produced by °Fahrenheit and the recording took place January 2002.



Would you say that your song on this compilation representative of all your material?

Yes and no. Our creative work varies a lot. We can play a song on one acoustic guitar or blow your mind away with a song like 'Chains 'n' Cellars'.



What is your song on this compilation about and what was the inspiration behind it?

Pure rock n' roll; the need to have a good time. Dream about the perfect woman being your slave for a night.



What about this song made you select it for this compilation?

That we had only two songs recorded at that time! (laugh!). Well, it's a song we like very much, it speaks for itself. Besides, thousands of people have heard it already, and all we've heard back was "it rocks!".



What kind of expectations do you have towards this particular compilation? What do you hope to gain by being featured?

We wish to gain people's interest in a Chilean Hard Rock Band. Being heard worldwide is what every band looks forward to.



Are you hoping this might help you in some way gain the kind of exposure that may lead to a label picking you up?

By all means!



As you know, most of the bands on this compilation are not extremely well known. Do you think a compilation CD with a group of mostly underground bands is a great way to help get your music noticed?

The bands on the CD may not be well known, but they are all full of expectations and willing to become as famous as possible.



What do you think of compilation CD's overall?

It's a good idea to reach the general public who are not that fanatic of specific groups, or are open to listen to new and different groups.



What kinds of things should a compilation feature in order to make it worth purchasing and what makes a compilation worthwhile?

Good music, a nice production. The idea of the metal-rules compilation featuring a world wide known bands, is great plus that indeed will help the promotion of the CD and less known groups.



If you had a chance to put together this type of compilation, what would be some of the unsigned bands you'd like to feature?

From Chile we recommend 'THE SHRINK', they really kick ass! Visit their web page



Would you be interested in sacrificing another song for " - Vol. II" if the opportunity presented itself?

Indeed. We hope to keep our doors open and strengthen the bonds with ''.



Where can people order your other recorded material?

On our web page,, or mail us to



What are your band's upcoming battle plans?

To be as well known as possible, having people know about our existence. Also to put Chile on the hard rock map.



Do you have any live dates coming up that you'd like to list here?

For the moment we are only playing here in Chile, so we'll have to wait for a kind promoter to invite us elsewhere.


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