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Thy Majestie


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Compiled & written on June 30th, 2001 By EvilG

Take heed fans of epic / melodic / symphonic / Italian power metal - a new band is rising. In a genre where more and more bands seem content to copy off the pioneers, I believe Thy Majestie have the potential to come out on top. Although we've had this band covered elsewhere in in past month's, I thought it was time to do a short feature on the band because they are great and as well, they deserve the coverage!



Thy Majestie was formed in 1998 by Giuseppe Bondý (keyboards) and Claudio Diprima (drums). Later Maurizio Malta, Giovanni Santini, Michele Cristofalo and Dario Grillo joined the band. In March 1999 they made their first demo PERPETUAL GLORY that was well reviewed in all the Italian Metal magazines. In August 1999 the band signed a contract with Scarlet Records (Milan) that brought them to G.B. studios to record their debut album. In place of Michele Cristofalo, the bass parts are featured by Dario D'Alessandro, new bassist for band.


Musical Style 

The band blend together power-metal, progressive rock, medieval, folk & classical music. I bet Thy Majesty are SICK of reading about themselves compared to Rhapsody...but it's inevitable. After all, how many epic power metal bands can YOU name from Italy?? Despite this, they are well on their way to having their own sound. The epic/symphonic elements in Thy Majestie include choirs, flutes, orchestras, European folk elements, operatic vocals and a storyline about the eternal fight between good and evil. There is also the "hero" of the story - Arter, a warrior, who has to bring back the peace to his reign. The album's storyline was inspired by "The Sword of Shannara" by author Terry Brooks. Below is a picture of their album cover for THE LASTING POWER.

News Current To June 2001

Since the release of Thy Majestie's debut album, THE LASTING POWER, (which you can order directly from us...plug plug) the band has been busy at work preparing their next offering. According to drummer Claudio Diprima, "in the next 2 or 3 weeks we'll release our new promo-cd entitled simply "1066" - entirely self-produced (but it sounds very good, sometimes better than "The Lasting Power." I recorded (except for drums) and mixed all tracks ). It is a little preview of the next album."

Thy Majestie's current label, Scarlet, have allotted the band just three weeks studio time. As anyone who's heard the band's first album, creating and recording something this layered and structured would obviously take much more time.

Claudio assured me the sound/style for this next album  will be "more or less the same of the previous album but surely more powerful, darker with great choirs. It will be another concept, but this time based on an historical event   - "The battle of Hastings,1066". But without a good production it's only wasted work ." 

As the history buff's amongst you are no doubt aware, The 1006 Battle of Hastings is known as the final time that England was successfully conquered by a foreign invader. The end result was the birth of a stronger nation. More information can be found at you local library and at Some of the song titles that will probably appear on the next CD include "A Warrior, A King", "Echoes of War", "Beyond the Arrayments", " The Scream of Taillefer" and "Anger of Fate". With tiles like that, fans are no doubt left drooling!!!  

As for the orchestration elements which I LOVE, we will hear "More, More, More and more choirs, but we'll use them in a different way."

So that brings us up to date on the band. Of course you can read more information on the band at their website at There's also an interview I did with Claudio a few months back which has a lot of information on the band in it. Finally, if you are interested in picking up Thy Majestie's debut album, THE LASTING POWER, you can do so right here.


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