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Luca Turilli and Rhapsody


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Luca Turilli & Rhapsody Feature
Compiled by EvilG in April 2000

This time around we chose to feature a band who is a little more well known, at least in Europe. For many of us in North America, Rhapsody and Luca Turilli are unknown names.  If you've heard the music then words like: breath-taking, majestic, uplifting, melodic, symphonic, powerful, etc...are apt. This is not music for the masses, but for those who like power metal with a blend of classical / symphonic elements creating something unique and not like the legions who are content to march on in Helloween's footsteps.

Founded in the early '90s by guitarist Luca Turilli and keyboardist Alex Staropoli under the name of Thundercross, Rhapsody play what I'd call symphonic power metal. Don't think that this has anything in common with "Metal"ica's S&M, this is light-years beyond that! I frown upon the term that some give it (Hollywood metal) because classical music did not originate from there, and neither has the best metal. Classical / symphonic music plays a big role in Rhapsody's / Luca's sound. I'm sure this was aided by the fact that Luca is the son of a famous Italian concert cellist. 

The label to which both Rhapsody and Luca Turilli are signed is the German-based Limb Music Products. They have recently secured North American distribution for its releases through the new North American office of SPV Records, beginning the relationship with releases from Italian artists Rhapsody and Luca Turilli. 

The Rhapsody Releases

If you go beyond the music you will quickly learn that Rhapsody write lyrics that tell a story. I'm sure they must be fans of writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks! Rhapsody's latest album, Symphony of Enchanted Lands, is the second chapter in their story that began with the band's debut, Legendary Tales.  Together the two albums tell the saga of the "Emerald Sword," in which the Warrior of Ice is on a quest to find an emerald sword hidden deep in the dark tower of abyss.  During his quest, the hero must find the three keys of wisdom that will open the ivory gates, through which he must pass on his way to a magic land full of hurdles to overcome.



Musically, Symphony of Enchanted Lands presents a spectacular platter of epic technical symphonic metal virtuosity, inspired by unlikely combination of classical composers and metal greats alike, and enhanced by old Russian and Celtic music.  Released last year in Europe, Symphony of Enchanted Lands reached number 54 on the German album charts, number 41 in Finland, number 22 in Italy, and number 14 in the Netherlands!



Luca Turilli's Solo Work

On his first solo album, Rhapsody guitarist/composer Luca Turilli expands on Rhapsody's melodic, symphonic sound.  Described as "epic fantasy metal," the CD King of the Nordic Twilight features grand hymn-like melodies and classical compositions.  Turilli wrote all the songs on King of the Nordic Twilight, played guitar and additional keyboards on the album, and is responsible for the basic orchestral arrangements.

Like his work with Rhapsody, Turilli's solo album marks the beginning of a three-part story.  Dubbed "Virtual Odyssey," there will be three CDs, three worlds, and three different places of great extremes in time and space, with a common thread of universal love so strong that it can overcome all frontiers and battle cosmic obscurity.  King of the Nordic Twilight begins the trilogy with the sad tale of Kalgor, a northern land ruled by the tyrant Saroth.  Saroth's son is born into this world of oppression, terror, and bondage but turns away from his father's cruelty and is forced to flee Kalgor.

The lineup on this release consists of Olaf Hayer on vocals, Turilli on guitair, Sascha Paeth (Heavens Gate) on bass, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo on drums; Miro (Kamelot's Fourth Legacy) on keyboards and guest female vocals by Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir. The CD is produced by Sascha Paeth and Miro who have also produced both Rhapsody CD's and the Fourth Legacy by Kamelot.


April 2000 News
Rhapsody / Luca Turilli

Rhapsody are currently on a short European tour with Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica. As well, both Rhapsody and Stratovarius have been added to this years (2000) Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Rhapsody (2000) are:
Luca Turilli - Guitar
Alex Staropoli - Keyboards
Daniele Carbonera - Drums
Fabio Lione - Vocals
Alessandro Lotta - Bass

Members of the Luca Turilli solo CD are:
Luca Turilli
Olaf Hayer - vocals
Miro - keyboards
Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - drums, Heavens Gate
Sascha Paeth - Bass, acoustic and other guitars

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