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Compiled & written in August 2002 By Rick

The proliferation of home computers and high quality recording software has helped to give any musician with a vision and a bit of technical know how the opportunity to create their music in the privacy of their own home. In this day and age, a band or musician does not need to sell his first born in order to get a high quality recording of their music on the market. Quietus has taken this growth in technology as an invitation to create music that is true to their vision. The main man behind Quietus is Chris Waters and he is the sole instrumentalist in this one man “band”. As Waters said himself about the only member of Quietus “Sometimes art is meant to be performed by just one person so the full picture can be seen and no meaning can be taken away from it (from an artistic perspective).” Well Waters takes his one-man vision very seriously. Learning to record and mix his own disc so that no one could change the music that he was creating. The fruits of Waters intensive labor is the debut Quietus disc DESTROYER OF WORLDS. This CD is a taster of what Waters calls “Hyperspeed brutal apocalyptic metal! Apocalyptic Metal I think covers it all since that is what I write about, and that is what Quietus is all about--ending the orders that plague us!”



Quietus means "putting an end to something". It is also another name for Death. The band originally began in 2000 with Waters on guitar, bass and vocals and Chad Dove handling keyboards, samples and drum programming. A full CD of songs was recorded but Waters felt that it was not heavy enough to be Quietus material so it was shelved and Waters headed in a heavier direction. He had this to say about his vision for Quietus: “As far as Quietus itself, I would like to see it be my sole vision. I have several recording projects in mind for it on many topics concerning my apocalyptic visions, including spiritual internal apocalypse. I also plan on releasing songs that remain true to the spirit of heavy metal in all of its chaotic glory!” After losing contact with cohort Chad Dove, Waters invested in home recording equipment so that he could carry out this vision of what Quietus should sound like. In the process Waters learned quite a bit about recording and mixing and from this knowledge he crafted his first release: DESTROYER OF WORLDS. This CD is a taster of what Waters calls “Apocalyptic Metal”.


News Current to September 2002

Quietus has just released their debut E.P. called DESTROYER OF WORLDS. It is available for purchase on the band's website which is located at 

Waters is currently working on four new songs that will be released as an E.P. When that is out of the way Quietus will gear up to work on a full-length release that is tentatively titled BOW. According to Waters “it will feature nothing but insane, hyperspeed, brutal metal!” Until that new material is completed fans can check out some clips from DESTROYER OF WORLDS which can be found on the bands website. 

Quietus Interview


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