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Liege Lord


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Compiled by EvilG in 1999

Liege Lord has been defunct since 1989 but two of their CD's, "Burn To My Touch" and "Master Control", have recently been re-released by Metal Blade Records.

As you can imagine this stuff does not sound like 90's metal - they have more in common with the power metal bands that seem to be all the rage outside of North America. In fact, the impetuous for the re-release of these two CD's came from Europe. It's not not a problem that Liege Lord sound 80's. Don't think about cheesy 80's or glam metal here cause they don't fit that cliche at all.  Out of their two re-released CD's, by far the best one was their last "Master Control" - recorded in 1988. One of it's main highpoints is the cover of the Rainbow classic "Kill The King." The rest of the CD is somewhat like what Overkill sounded like in the late 80's - raw and thrashy only with power metal overtones. It's kinda cool that you can hear an Overkill influence in the music and vocals because Liege Lord vocalist, Joseph Comeau, now performs guitar and backing vocals for Overkill!!!!  Joe's vocals however, reveal a much wider range and smoother voice than Blitz (there's nothing wrong with Blitz's vocals though!!). Also helping set Liege Lord above the pack is lead guitarist Paul Nelson, who can shred with the best of them!!! How Joe Comeau went from lead vocals to Overkill guitarist I don't know but we'll update you that piece of information ASAP.

The CD's:

Burn To My Touch Master Control

Burn To My Touch

Master Control

A Brief History

Liege Lord's recording career began in June 1984 with the release of Freedom's Rise on French labeled Black Dragon Records. This record found them on their way into every major American guitar and metal magazine, which paved the way to their European conquest.

The Liege Lord line up at the time was Matt Vinci (bass), Tony Truglio (guitar), Frank Cortese (drums) and Andy Michaud (singer) and Pete McCarthy (2nd guitar). Pete was soon to leave the band during that time which led to the induction of guitarist Paul Nelson (former Steve Vai student).

The band was now drawing  notice from US label Metal Blade which signed them and subsequently released Burn to my Touch. This Album would be the one  responsible for Liege Lords growing popularity. Liege Lord was soon to become a metal band to be reckoned with. Many of the young headbangers who swore fealty to Liege Lord later infused their own bands with that influence which helped to preserve the Power Metal tradition in Europe more so than in the states. Terms such as speed metal, thrash, power metal, were all in their infant stages trying to carve their own niche in this uncategorized musical time. To get a true feel for what it was like at that time you have to imagine yourself having an album released in the US, great press in Europe and absolutely no clubs to play your music. The only way to get your music out was through Fanzines, College Radio ,Word of Mouth. Again, the only place to make & work was in NYC at a club called Lamourís, which today is to be considered one of the premier showcases for the sound of that time, spawning the attention to such bands as Metallica, Anthrax, Raven, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Hades, Helloween, Slayer, Manowar, Carnivore, and the list goes an on.

Liege Lord's popularity was now growing especially in the US, on College Radio and press in such magazines as Hit Parader, Cream and Guitar World to name a few. Along with sharing the stage up and down the East Coast with bands such as Anthrax, Overkill, Savatage, Fates Warning, Megadeth, Raven, Avenger, Exodus, Malice, Candlemass. It was at this time that Liege Lordís fans were growing world wide. Yet another lineĖup was to  emerge in 1988 with the introduction of Joe Comeau as Liege Lordís final frontman. the first album was to be released on vinyl as well as CD. This was also the year of what is considered to be their greatest release: Master Control. Recorded at Carriage House Recording Studio and produced by Terry Date (Pantera). Master Control spawned a tour covering all  of the United States as well as a shorter tour with Candlemass up and down the East Coast.

Master Control spawned a tour which found Liege Lord playing with the likes of Anthrax, Savatage, Fates Warning, Overkill, Flotsam & Jetsam, Candlemass, Anvil and Raven to name a few. Unfortunately at the time of Liege Lordís greatest success the music that Liege Lord and many other bands had created would spin out of control, leading many of itís originators left behind. Independent labels of the time which once handled 30-40 bands were also struggling with this change. The 90ís had arrived and it was time for Metal to go back into hiding. Liege Lord disbanded in 1989 leaving us with 3 albums now considered to be 3 of the underground's most sought after collectable CDís. Their sound flirts with speed, thrash metal and power metal but has complex, melodic qualities as well. Itís ironic that it would be Europe once again that would coax the re-release of both Burn & Master only 10 years after their original release.


Where Are They Now???

We wondered what the Liege Lord members have been up to since the bands demise. Here's what they are all doing, according to Paul and Joe.

Paul Nelson:
"I've been very busy! Since '89 I did several Namm-shows in the states doing endorsement clinics with George Lynch, Vivian Cambell, Bruce Kulick to name a few. I recorded on a gold album in Portugal, played with Tower of Powers lead singer Tommy Bose for some time, just recorded on a CD in Norway and I'm currently studying with Steve Khan (Steely Dan). As well as putting the finishing touches on my own solo-project entitled : "Vinyl Signs". More on >this later."

Joe Comeau:
"I used to always play guitar since I started playing music. Overkill was a fan of my band Ramrod in which I sing and play guitar and they needed two guitar-players. They asked myself and Sebastian Marino to join. Ramrod is still together and this is how I pursue my lead vocals." 

Matt Vinci:
Is a photographer for an East-coast news-paper.

Frank Cortese:

Tony Truglio:
Is a session guitar-player.

Andy Michaud:
Whereabouts unknown...

When I asked Paul and Joe about the possibility of a Liege Lord reunion he had this to say. "Reunion? It seems to be getting closer and closer every day..."

Let's hope they reform...

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