Xerosun – This Dark Rage

May 2018
Released: August 2016 / Self-Release
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland is the technical and melodic death metal band Xerosun. Xerosun seem to have quite the following in their homeland. After forming in 2006 Xerosun have a couple critically acclaimed releases. That is what some fact checking came up with. I have grown tired of having to search so long for pertinent info on a band, we’ll just say a couple. Please people, lets update a page and stick with it.

Xerosun have been riding on the tails of this EP release since the end of 2016 and are diligently working on their next release as we speak here. The 5 tracks here are not bad. Nothing overly ground breaking in terms of originality, but well done for the genre.
Vocalist Martyna Halas Yeates’ delivery is both guttural growl and clean. It seems to work here. It is a formula that has proven itself as successful so why not? Musically the band does a good job at playing somewhat technical within the tracks. At first listen and without focus come off as typical. Once is not enough. Twice is a pretty close call, but it is all the spins after that start to make a bit more sense.

I cannot verify where Xerosun pull their influences from, but it would be a safe bet to say Septic Flesh, Amorphis, Thantos Skitzos, a little Arch Enemy, and the likes.

As this EP plays along in the background here, I am wondering what the future holds for Xerosun. Even as they have proven themselves in their home country and various tours in Europe, at this point in my listening feel that there is a lot more we are going hear by and about Xerosun. They just need that one tiny little edge to propel them into International status. I think they can do it.


1. This Dark Rage
2. Anatomy Of A Lie
3. I Spared Hundreds
4. The Mother Of Morality
5. Repent, Rewind, Reset

Fiachra Kelly – Guitars
Gareth Jeffs – Guitars
Damian Dziennik – Drums
Martyna Halas-Yeates – Vocals
David Kuchar – Bass