Quantum Hierarchy – Neutron Breed

Quantum Hierarchy - Neutron Breed
Quantum Hierarchy – Neutron Breed

Reviewed: May 2018
Released: 2018, Everlasting Spew Records
Rating: 4.0/5.0
Reviewer: Joel Wheeler

Expulsed from northern Italy, “Quantum Hierarchy” was formed circa 2014. Here we have their debut E.P release; “Neutron Breed”. A band predominantly now carried forth by Hellish God’s S.M (guitars and vocals, formerly of Imposer and Voids of Vomit) which also consisted of M.B (drums, also formerly of Voids of Vomit) then later M.C (bass, formerly Agony Face). Having reviewed Hellish God’s – Evil Emanations, I’ve already had a slice of S.M’s work on backing vocals and bass, with a role switch to guitars and vocals I’m keen to hear what awaits.

After the first opening track “Frequency Disturbance Through Spheres”, which subjects you to a mix of disturbing radio-like interference and guitar noise and a building distant scream, “Neutron Breed” drops… And immediately it’s a savage technical assault. You can’t help but get swept up in its masterful execution and exceptionally tight sounding production; it punches hard and fast. You can certainly hear elements of the influences they list, but more predominantly the likes of Nile, Hate Eternal, and Morbid Angel. I’d also throw in Anata, Neuraxis, and Akeldama (The Faceless) to that list. This track is a serious rollercoaster and certainly stirs the sinews, from the remarkably tight drum fills and sharp blast segments all the way through to a rapidly changing spiral of guitar riffs matched equally by a furiously tight bass line going blow for blow with the guitar tremolo picking, utterly remorseless… Seriously impressive.

I’m happy to report that nothing changes in “The Third Of Capricornus” and “Mausoleum Of Eternal Absence”, they’re both equally bestial and unstoppable, with some excellently executed bass tapping and torrid wah-sounding solos. The vocals are deeply guttural throughout and sink right into the chaos machine relentlessly striking out. This is a genuinely exciting first release and I would recommend this to anyone that appreciates their aforementioned influences and old school blended tech-death; this is a very promising project. “Neutron Breed” is available directly from Everlasting Spew Records for free with qualifying orders over €15. Now to wait for that ever-important full-length release!


1. Frequency Disturbance Through Spheres
2. Neutron Breed
3. The Third Of Capricornus
4. Mausoleum Of Eternal Absence

Band Line up:

S.M – All Guitars, Vocals
M.C – Bass.





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