Mind Of Fury – Do or Die

May 2018
Released: June 18th, 2017 / Self Release
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Mind of Fury is the brainchild of Gheeyea who is an extremely talented guitar extraordinaire. Originally from Chile, Gheeyea moved to the U.S. and joined forces with Nick Z. Marino to record an album and do some touring. It was not too long after that where Gheeyea met up with Henry Moreno and Mike Frankenbush to form said powerhouse.

Gheeyea’s playing style has been hailed as pretty unique in the metal community as a sort of “Metallica meets Pantera meets Yngwie with huge riffs and shredding guitar”. That is a good mix, but not what is portrayed on DO OR DIE. You do get your fair share of shredding guitar, but musically do not be too hopeful for super heavy, thrashy style.

Now don’t get me wrong here, DO OR DIE is plenty heavy in terms of the sound and genre. It is just a bit more in the hard rock / power metal side of things. And very well done I must add. This album is hard hitting metal with some melodic moments. At time it has almost a commercial metal sound at times. Mind of Fury’s music on this one could crossover to some mainstream rock radio. Although I believe more metal should.

When talking about metal in this vein, Mind of Fury is no doubt going to be a name that will start making waves around the world. This is a superb debut offering and one that is definitely a ‘repeat’ worthy album. Mind of Fury are currently working on the follow up to this critically acclaimed album.


1. Fight Another Day
2. On the Road of Lust
3. Ten Feet Under
4. Holding On
5. I Am Cain
6. My Life
7. Hole in the Head
8. I Need to See You
9. Anger Is Killing Your Soul
10. Breaking Free

Mike Frankenbush – Bass
Henry Moreno – Drums
Ghee-Yeh – Vocals, Guitars