Serpent Lord reveal album cover, title and tracklist of upcoming album

The Greek heavy metallers Serpent Lord have revealed the cover, the title and the track list of their upcoming, debut, album, which is going to be released soon. It is their second release, which is coming almost a year after the release of their demo.

The album is called “Towards The Damned”, while its cover is a painting from John Martin, called “Sodom And Gomorrah” (1852), edited by Giannis Antoniou, who also created the band’s new logo. The recordings were done at Infected Studios with George Infected as a producer.

Meanwhile, the band is going to announce some upcoming live shows the next days.

Track list of “Towards The Damned”:

1. The Lesser Key
2. Ambassador of the New Age
3. Nephilim
4. Sacrilegium
5. Evvuio Oitovo Iman
6. Sodom and Gomorrah
7. Serpent, The Lord
8. Blood Offering
9. God of Shadows
10. Seed of Divine

Line up:

Marios Arikas – Vocals
Giorgos Terzitanos – Lead Guitar/Back Vocals
Konstantinos Sotirelis – Bass/ Back Vocals
Achilleas Chrisohoidis – Rhythm Guitar
Vaggelis Karafotis – Drums




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