Speedclaw – Beast in the Mist

Reviewed: April 2018
Released: December 29th, 2017 / Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 4 / 5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Speedclaw are an old school sounding speed metal band from Croatia. I know what you may be thinking here, yeah, another “old school” band. Well, I hear you there as I think the same way when I read something to the same effect. The thing here is BEAST IN THE MIST sounds as if were truly released in the mid ‘80’s. Even their look in the video for the title track is evidence of this too. Not that it is a bad thing mind you.

BEAST IN THE MIST in the band’s first full-length release. Well, as full-length as 6 tracks can be after releasing an EP last year. With that said, 6 tracks are not enough for this release. You can roll this one over and over without worry. It does however leave you with the ‘I want more’ sensation.

“Beast in the Mist” is a rip-roaring ride chalked full of all the great things that make up a superb metal song. “Faster than Hell” follows it right up without ever letting up. Soaring guitar solos and riffs that are almost deafening with power. “Rising of the Claw” is reminiscent of some pre-KILL EM ALL days of Metallica. “Aggression Strikes” is a punishing speed filled thrash assault which is accompanied with some killer breakdowns that make me want to start a pit up here in the office. “Evil that you See” is just as heavy as the rest but you can pick up a bit more of the NWOBHM nuances. Something that touched upon here and there but never fully embraced as with this track.

Speedclaw are what I would call a damn cool newer band. As they do remind me of the glory days of the past, those days are etched into a lot of metal heads. These guys are bound to g a long way if they keep on the path they are rolling on. I highly recommend this one. For fans of Exciter, Municiple Waste, Fifth Angel, early Testament, early Metallica, Ect.


1. Prelude
2. Beast in the Mist
3. Faster than Hell
4. Rising of the Claw
5. Aggression Strikes
6. Evil that You See

Luka Jurišić – guitar
Silvano Ćosić – vocals,bass
Luka Hrelja – guitar
Dorian Perušić – drums