Gus G. – Fearless

Reviewed: April, 2018
Released: 2017, AFM Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Erich

Former Ozzy guitarist Gus G is back with his fourth solo album, FEARLESS in 2018. Some might expect an album that is an instrumental shred fest, but FEARLESS is not that album. There are certainly some fiery solos interspersed throughout, but mostly this a conventional modern metal album with doses of hard rock. Album opener “Letting Go” is a shining example of this mix, with a driving, down tuned riff and hard rock chorus. Listen to this beside Red Dragon Cartel’s album opener “Deceived” and you can hear clearly how the two former Ozzy guitarists have conformed to modern trends.

Dennis Ward of Unisonic handles vocal duties and bass, while drummer Will Hunt of Evanescence handles percussions. Dancing in between, Gus offers many of his patented solos that edge more towards metal, while the verses and choruses are usually hard rock. The title track opens with a less than promising guitar effect, but quickly transitions into what Gus G fans no doubt expected from start to finish: a blistering instrumental. For my money, it is the standout track on the album and that is coming from a guy that generally is unimpressed by instrumentals. It’s a killer tune.

Inexplicably, this signature tune is followed by “Nothing To Say”, a song that could have been a Nickelback ballad, complete with horrible lyrics that would do Warrant proud. It sucks, period. Then, we get a cover tune of Dire Strait’s “Money For Nothing.” Nobody sounds like Mark Knopfler, not even Gus G., and he and the band completely ruin an otherwise decent song, not to mention it is completely out of place here. Some goodwill is reclaimed with “Chances” and instrumental “Thrill of The Chase”, even though Gus rips off the beginning power chord introduction from Love/Hate’s “Blackout In The Redroom.”

FEARLESS concludes as an album with promise that is partly betrayed by questionable decisions that are likely influenced by a label that knows better. Those decisions include an abominable cover song and cliched loud production, combined with a concerted effort to appeal to the metal and non-metal fans out there. Ultimately this means that neither group will be completely satisfied. Fortunately, Gus. G and band have enough good songs on here to make this a worthy and enjoyable album if you can get past some of the obvious posturing for wider acceptance.


Track Listing:

01. Letting Go
02. Mr. Manson
03. Don’t Tread On Me
04. Fearless 05. Nothing To Say
06. Money For Nothing
07. Chances
08. Thrill Of The Chase
09. Big City
10. Last Of My Kind

Gus G. – Guitar
Dennis Ward – Vocals, Bass
Will Hunt – Drums





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