Trivium Power Trip Venom Prison – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

The 19th of March 2018

Wau another sold out metal gig in a row. That was really great to see people are still  going to gigs even on the Monday night although waking up in the following morning can be pretty rough. However over 600 people had arrived to witness the Florida based Trivium in Nosturi and two truly interesting warm up bands. Even though Trivium may rise eyeblows in the older metal puritanists, but they indeed appeal to the young generation. However even the older metal fans could be witnessed in the crowd. Obviously Trivium have managed to win some older metal fan on their side.  It was comforting to witness the younger generation at the gig even though they were not into the two warm-up bands.

The night was kicked off by a four piece Venom Prison coming from South Wales. The band’s debut album called ANIMUS came out in 2016  on the Prosthetic Records. Venom Prison has been gigging a lot and gained the reputation of being a real energic live act. Especially the frontlady has proved to be an extreme relentless on on the stage. Even though the band appeared to be more strange outfit for most of the attendances, they however offered a brutal lesson of the extreme metal with different elements involved such as hard core, sludge, grind core. The frontlady indeed turned out to be a restless and wild.

The next one was Power Trip from Texas. The band has got truly awesome boost during the past few years as the second NIGTHMARE LOGIC is an excellent slab of neckbreaking crossover thrash and besides Rob Halford has outspokenly admitted digging the band. Being the warm-up for Trivium and trying to conquer the Trivium fans on their side ain’t that easy task. The Texas metallers hammered the seven songs down and  Unfortunately the audience didn’t warm up to Power Trip. However the crowed in the front followed the band’s performance incessantly.

After the roadie break the intro was surprisingly “Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden blasting out of the loudspeakers. The venue became one sort of a huge karaoke arena where the whole crowd sang that legendary metal hymn with the passion. The four piece hit the stage by kicking the set with “The Sin And The Sentence” off from the latest same titled album. The band turned out to be a good strike and mood. The previous gig in Oslo had given a real adrenaline strike to the performance of the band. The frontman Matt Heafy definitely encouraged the audience to beat the Norwegian crowd. The floor was definitely on fire as the circle pit was storming all the time.   The set was a pure golden triumph for the Trivium fans. It consisted of the material picked up from several albums. Especially “Ascendancy” and a few other olden gems got ballistic reaction in the crowd. Trivium sounded much heavier and even aggressive on the stage than on albums. The newer songs such as “Hate From Your Heart” and “Beyond Oblivion” are outstanding songs. Trivium enjoys the massive and loyal following in Finland and hopefully the band will be seen at some festivals.


The Sin and the Sentence
Throes of Perdition
Sever the Hand
Inception of the End
Until the World Goes Cold
Becoming the Dragon
Thrown Into the Fire
Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
The Heart From Your Hate
Beyond Oblivion

Shattering the Skies Above
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
Capsizing the Sea
In Waves