Against The Grain – Cheated Death

March 2018
Released: 2018, Ripple Music
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Living up to the title of their newest record, Against the Grain has proven themselves to be true road warriors. Blazing a trail across the US with their brand of gear-shifting, balls-to-the-wall rock, incorporating all things heavy they practically defy categorization, seamlessly blurring the lines of punk, rock, doom and thrash.”(Taken from promo press release.)

Blurring the lines of punk, rock, doom and thrash are a bit of an understatement here. ‘Cheated Death’, the album title and opening track blast off like a Space X rocket. The track is delivered right in your face hard and heavy which is just the way I like it. CHEATED DEATH is the 5th album by these Midwest rockers. One I’m wondering how I’ve miss as their hometown is not far from me. I really need to get out more!

With that being said, I am glad I got introduced to band. Stylistically, one might say they are all over the map. They sort of are. But it is a map full of great stops. They effortlessly meld several genres of music into one incredible style. Not one that can be named, but one that can and will be enjoyed. ‘Sacrifice’ starts off and rolls along as if it is a nod to Motorhead. A sound which is influenced throughout the disc. ‘No Sleep’ starts off much of the same while halfway through breaks down into a slow grooving blues track before picking things back up.

I can’t sit here and really come up with anything to say about the tracks individually that could do them the justice they deserve. This is an outright great album from start to finish. Each track is just a bit more addictive than the next. I was feeling good about sitting down after rolling through this album a dozen or so times the past couple weeks, but really, for the life of me all I can think up in my head is WOW!

A high energy slam fest of rock ‘n roll with all the aforementioned genre twists sure to please even the pickiest of music fans. Those into Motorhead, High On Fire, Mondo Generator, The Obsessed and the likes will have a new favorite band to add to their list. I know I do.



  1. Cheated Death

  2. Smoke

  3. Sacrifice

  4. No Sleep

  5. Last Chance

  6. Devils And Angels

  7. High Heeled Woman

  8. Rolling Stone

  9. Enoughs Not Enough

  10. Going Down Fast

  11. Jaded And Faded

  12. Into The Light


Chris Nowak – Bass & Vocals
Nick Bellomo – Guitar
Kyle Davis – Guitar, Vox
Rob Nowak – Drums




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