Volcana – Goddess Of Flame

Reviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It was another banner year for the American record label, Stormspell Records so I’ve decided to do a round-up of what this respected True Metal label was up to in 2017. I’m reviewing the following ten bands in this feature.

Ancient Empire
Blazon Stone
Fire Strike
Outer Limits
Raging Fate
Yuri Fulone

Feel free to check out all the reviews. If you are like me, if you like one of these albums on this consistent and focused theme label you’ll probably like ‘em all!

Of all the bands in this feature Volcana stands out as the black sheep. I’d think they would be perfectly fine with that. While most of the artists aere shimmering Power Metal, to one degree or another, Volcana is steeped in 70’s / early 80’s US PM with a weighty slab of dirty Doom.

GODDESS OF FLAME came out in late 2017 and this powerful trio has quite a lot of pedigree. The guys have been in such bands as Seven Witches, Lich King, vindicator and the short-lived and underrated thrash act Mantic Ritual. This seems like an opportunity for guys who play in bands of a variety of styles to share their mutual admiration and appreciation for slower, doom-laden sounds.

The 46 minute long album chugs along without a care in the world, just rocking out, heads down, in the pocket. It’s not all slow Euro Doom but there is a nod in that direction. Standout tracks to my ears are ‘Merchant Lord’ and the punchy ‘Witch Blade’.   The production is warm and full and the cover art invokes imagery of ‘smoke’ if you catch my drift of smoke, but without being total worshippers of the green.

A solid release to be sure and this old sound is very contemporary right now and might find some cache among some of the cool Metal kids who think Mastodon and so on is all the rage.


Track Listing:
1. The Unwelcome
2. Scolopendra Come Forward
3. Drone
4. Glory Or Doom
5. Goddess Of Flame
6. Merchant Lord
7. Smoke And Terrors
8. The Black Mist
9. We Stand
10. Witch blade
11. Iniquitous Shores

Glen Monturi Bass, Drums
Jeff Potts Guitar
Vic Stown Vocals, Guitar