Tyketto – Live In Milan

Tyketto - Live In MilanReviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, Frontiers
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Tyketto has made a bit of a splash lately with a pair of solid comeback albums. To capitalize on this momentum they have released their second live album called LIVE FROM MILAN. This single disc live package was released by Frontiers. It was recorded on Day One of the Frontiers Rock Festival IV on April 29th, 2017.

What is sort of neat about this is that the band chose to commemorate the 26th anniversary of their debut album, DON’T COME EASY, played the entire album in reverse order! I would have done a 25th anniversary concert instead but that is just me. The band down to two original members Danny Vaughn and drummer Michael Clayton play to what sounds like a small but boisterous and appreciative crowd. The crowd to mix band mix-ratio is really good, it sounds live. Danny Vaughn is a great front-man there is lots of fun crown interaction and audience participation segments. They stretch it out live a couple of the songs almost doubling in length with the extended live versions. Vaughn’s voice still holds up very well all these years later. The bands smooth melodic Hard Rock sound was always appealing in era of grunge and I was pleased to hear them keep true to their original sound, with the acoustic/electric guitar interplay. The band finish off the concert with the song ‘Reach’ from the album of the same name and there is deluxe CD/DVD version available as well.

I’m probably rating this simple but fun live album higher than it deserves but I have a nostalgic soft spot for the first pair of Tyketto albums, especially the debut so this is a real treat for me. This captures a moment in time, special for the fans and succeeds extremely well in that regard.



Track Listing:
1. Introduction / 2. Sail Away / 3. Strip Me Down / 4. Nothing But Love / 5. Walk On Fire / 6. Lay Your Body Down / 7. Standing Alone / 8. Seasons / 9. Burning Down Inside / 10. Wings / 11. Forever Young / 12. Rescue Me / 13. Reach


Danny Vaughn – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Green – Guitar
Ged Rylands – Keyboards
Chris Childs – Bass
Michael Clayton – Drums




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