Tankard – Hymns For The Drunk

Tankard - Hymns For The DrunkReviewed: February 2018
Released: 2017, AFM Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook

Tankard, another member of the German Big Four, the others being Destruction, Sodom and Kreator for those not in the know. Whilst the other three went out of their way to give us all music filled with dead serious subject matter, our dear friends in Tankard decided to go on a different route. Yes they decided to sing about Beer, well actually all manner of alcoholic debauchery to be precise, and they have done it well for a long time.

With 40 odd releases spanning full lengths, EP’s, splits, compilations and the odd video our booze soaked buddies are no newcomers to the game. Since formation in around 1983 they certainly have put many other bands under the table so to speak. This release is a compilation of there material spanning 2002 – 2010 when they were signed with AFM records, a label they credit with pretty much reinvigorating the band.

For the unaware, Tankard also follow their other Big Four buddies in musical style, that being Thrash Metal, and although the subject matter may be a little more on the pissed as a parrot kind of angle, the music is no less vicious and in your face than any of the others. Opener ‘Rectifier’ makes you aware of that in no uncertain terms.

No real need to dig too deep into this one, if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands you will be a fan of these beer swilling maniacs. Motorhead also spring to mind when anyone mentions Tankard, yes Tankard may be a bit more full on, but the music is most certainly delivered with the same kind of fuck you integrity that our mostly dearly departed idols shared with the world.

A superb compilation of good fun well delivered drunken thrashery awaits, Highly recommended if you’ve never heard them, and a great reminder of some of the earlier days for the rest of us. Fill your glass, grab a can, fuck it drink out of your best mates shoe for all I care, just enjoy some Teutonic finery my friends!


Tankard - Hymns For The Drunk

Track Listing:
1. Rectifier / 2. Need Money For Beer / 3. New Liver Please! / 4. Slipping From Reality / 5. Die With A Beer In Your Hand / 6. We’re Coming Back / 7. We Still Drink The Old Ways / 8. The Beauty And The Beast / 9. Metaltometal / 10. Zombie Attack / 11. (Empty) Tankard / 12. The Morning After / 13. Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life) / 14. Octane Warriors / 15. Stay Thirsty! / 16. Time Warp / 17. Rules For Fools

Andreas Geremia – Vocals
Andreas Gutjhar – Guitar
Frank Thorwarth – Bass
Olaf Zissel – Drums




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