Rebaelliun – Bringer Of War (The Last Stand)

Rebaelliun - Bringer Of War (The Last Stand)Reviewed: February 2018
Released: 2017, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook

This album is in fact a re-release of The “Bringer Of War” EP that Rebaelliun released back in 2000, with four new tracks included, plus a redesigned cover, so let us get that out of the way before the cretins out there start hollering ‘We’ve already got this one duh’. Duh indeed.

Brazil is no stranger to brutality music wise (and also just life in general), so it comes as no surprise to yours truly that this does not sound anything like a bunch of faeries dancing around a maypole. Far from it in fact, this is the sound of someone declaring war on these faeries and giving them the thrashing they so truly deserve. This is indeed some very brutal music.

Brutality at it’s best can be enough to keep some of us listening, but the question arises as to how a band that fits into genre of Death Metal can keep it interesting. Here we have most of your Death Metal tropes in abundance, pretty much all the fan can ask for. It is fast, vicious and cruel to say the least. Some songs sit better than others in production values obviously due to the fact that it has been a while since the year 2000, and yes I am aware that the record has been produced again by one of the guitarists (Fabiano to be precise), but there does seem to the ear to be a bit of a difference between some tracks.

Should this bother you? Not really. This is still at heart a very well done album full of deathly goodness. Some of the solo work is just sensational, and it is what one could call riff city. Insane drumming, Vocals from the pit of despair abound and all is good in the land of Death. My only complaint would be the bass levels don’t give a reasonable enough representation of the poor old bass player. He is surely a talented man to keep up with these chaps. I just like to hear the bottom end hanging out as well. It may be the copy that I got to review that is at fault.

Regardless, this is not a bad listen. If all things Deathly are your thing then even more so.



Track Listing:
1. War Cult Anthem / 2. There Is No Horizon / 3. The Last Stand / 4. Ground Zero / 5. Agonizing By My Hands / 6. Bringer Of War / 7. Kings Of The Unholy Blood / 8. Day Of Suffering (Morbid Angel Cover)


Lohy Fabiano – Vocals/Bass
Ronaldo Lima – Guitars
Fabiano Penna – Guitars
Sandro Moreira – Drums




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