Fire Strike – Slaves Of Fate

Reviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It was another banner year for the American record label, Stormspell Records so I’ve decided to do a round-up of what this respected True Metal label was up to in 2017. I’m reviewing the following ten bands in this feature.

Ancient Empire
Blazon Stone
Fire Strike
Outer Limits
Raging Fate
Yuri Fulone

Feel free to check out all the reviews. If you are like me, if you like one of these albums on this consistent and focused theme label you’ll probably like ‘em all!

Firestrike is a Brazilian band from Sao Paulo and have been around for about 10 years now, but have only just released their debut album SLAVES OF FATE.

I feel the most significant asset the band has is the vocal power of Aline. She has a great Metal voice, not symphonic, but still high and with good range.   The band is, by and large a solid NWOBHM inspired act with decent and conventional songs. They have a good guitar tone and attack and the songs move along at a good pace.   There are a few sound effects and narration to add a bit of extra interest.

Fire Strike are solid and entertaining band, not earth-shattering but they certainly have the classic Metal sound well presented.


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Track Listing:
1. Reach for your Life
2. Master of the Seas
3. Slave of your Fate
4. Eletric Sun
5. The Wolves Don’t Cry
6. Losing Control
7. Streets of Fire
8. Lust
9. Our Shout is Heavy Metal

Aline Vocals
Helywild Guitar
Henrique Schuindt Guitar
Edivan Diamond Bass
Alan Caçador Drums