Detest – The End Of All Ends

Reviewed: February, 2018
Released: 2017, Stormspell Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It was another banner year for the American record label, Stormspell Records so I’ve decided to do a round-up of what this respected True Metal label was up to in 2017. I’m reviewing the following ten bands in this feature.

Ancient Empire
Blazon Stone
Fire Strike
Outer Limits
Raging Fate
Yuri Fulone

Feel free to check out all the reviews. If you are like me, if you like one of these albums on this consistent and focused theme label you’ll probably like ‘em all!

There is saying that goes along the lines of, ‘just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.’ That is kind of the feeling I got from the Detest release.

Detest were a band that put out quite a few demos in the late 80’s and one small-run EP in 1990. That was it. They broke up. For whatever reason, the good people at Stormspell saw fit to release this collection old demo tracks called THE END OF ALL ENDS. What makes it even more unnecessary is that back in 2014 Stormspell released the THUNDERSTEEL EP with a ton of demos tracks in a 2 CD set that ran over two hours long! What possible more could anyone want to hear from a band that never made it in the first place? Essentially what this album is, was the bands debut album, that never existed in the first place, and it has been sort of remade a bit.
The production is decent for a demo level band, I suppose but that is the reason they are called ‘demos’, so they can be given to record companies who give the band a proper budget, producer and recording studio to flesh out the ideas. It is hard to fix material that is 30 years old, so it still sounds rough. The songs are competent NWOBHM inspired Metal with a nice Swedish flair. The booklet as always is really nice, it explains things a bit and has some cool art.

I suppose for super die-hard fans this release might have a bit of curiosity value as it shows the early work of Micke Darth and Nicke Landin who went on to form Twilight, but that’s it. I’m usually 100% on board with 99% of the stuff that Stormspell puts out but this one is strictly average.


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Track Listing:
1. The Solemn Avenger
2. Final Hour
3. Away
4. Thoughts of Love
5. The Savior
6. Aim Higher
7. Rebellion
8. Renegade
9. Divide and Conquer
10. Light In the Sky
11. The Creatures
12. The End of All Ends

Micke Därth Vocals, Guitars, Synth
Janne Ström Guitar
Jörgen Svahn Bass
Nicke Landin Drums