Autograph – Get Off Your Ass!

Reviewed: February 2018
Released: 2017, EMP Group
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Here’s a band that I didn’t even think was around anymore. To my disbelief, and with a bit of Internet research, Autograph has been working along this whole time. They were not one I ever really got into back in the day. In fact, I hate to say it, but I do believe this is the first time I have actually listened to an Autograph album from start to finish. Don’t get me wrong, when “Turn Up The Radio” comes on, which it still does often, I adhere to the title and turn it up!

I had never thought any ill thoughts towards the band or their music. I have heard track or two, maybe more I don’t recall, but never proceeded any further into any of their catalog. There were so many bands in the ‘80’s coming out of the woodwork, some for me got lost in the shuffle. They have had a fulfilling career and still garner a devout following.

With that being said, if GET OFF YOUR ASS is any indication of what Autograph is and was all about, then I must say, they are pretty good when talking in the style of commercial radio hard rock. I must state though, I had to do a little research on them and found many stating the fact that this is not the band of yesteryear.

The album starts off with the title track that makes you want to get off your ass! Pun intended. “Get Off Your Ass” is a good, edgy hard rocking track that has enough legs on it to stick around for a while. “Every Generation” is an okay sounding rock song. “All I Own” is actually a fairly catchy ballad. “You are Us We Are You” starts off with a very cool sounding opening riff and after that the track falls a bit flat. “Meet Me Half Way” is probably the standout track on the album for me. It has a great hard rocking groove that reminds me of a cross between maybe some hard rocking Hagar and a classic bluesy Great White track.

“I Lost My Mind In America” carries on with the AOR style of the ‘80s. “All Emotions” has a groovy rock start to it  throughout, but it’s the pop sounding chorus that sends me into a Bon Jovi seizure. “Watch it Now” and “Ready To Get Down” are a bit of the same before the closer, a live version of “Turn Up The Radio”.  Not sure if it is the production of the live track, but it sounds a bit dull to me. Guess I prefer the classic radio version myself.

All in all GET OFF YOU ASS is not too bad of an album for what it is. And for whom it is. Autograph is a successful American hard rock/hair metal band who have put in some hard work throughout the years. If this is a sign of what is to come for the future, maybe I’ll have to give them another look.


Track listing:
1. Get Off Your Ass / 2. Every Generation / 3. All I Own / 4. You Are Us We Are You / 5. Meet Me Half Way / 6. I Lost My Mind In America / 7. All Emotions / 8. Watch It Now / 9. Ready To Get Down / 10. Turn Up The Radio (Live)

Simon Daniels – Lead vocals/guitar
Steve Lynch – Lead guitar/vocals
Randy Rand – Bass/vocals
Marc Wieland – Drums





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