Within Silence – Return From The Shadows

Reviewed: January 2018
Released: 2017, Ulterium
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Within Silence have only just hit the scene in the past couple years. They released their massively successful debut, GALLERY OF LIFE in 2015. These guys are not messing around. RETURN FROM THE SHADOWS, as a power metal album, is bound to launch Within Silence upon an unexpected worldwide audience base.

The immense talent and musicianship of these guys is awe-inspiring to say the least. From the first listen, I was truly amazed. All the ingredients that make power metal great are included here. The album does not let up with the extremely memorable and slightly familiar sounding riffs. There are plenty of clean, higher pitched vocals by Martin Klein, but what I had to check into almost right away was whether or not Blaze Bayley was the vocalist for Within Silence. There are several spots throughout the album where it is almost uncanny how close the resemblance is.

Within Silence lyrically follow a path of religion, or a more positive outlook not only in life, but where we will end up when we are done here. I am not one whom segregates my metal. And I do not want to get into the whole religion talk. It is like talking politics. Not good. It’s just that over the years there have been so many great “Christian” metal bands that don’t seem to get the notoriety they deserve. Sure they are very successful within that circle, but never get the overall respect they deserve. The same can also be said for some of the more “Satanic” metal bands too. It is what it is I suppose. What RETURN FROM THE SHADOWS is however, is one of the best damn progressive power metal albums you will ever come across. Do not be afraid of the positive message here. It is very well done. Meaning, you can fill in your own blanks if you like as it is not scripture.

This is just great metal music all around. Their music is in the vein of label mates Theocracy or Signum Regis, Harmony, Sonata Arctica and Helloween. They have a new fan here.


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Track Listing:
1. We Are the Ones
2. Heroes Must Return
3. Children of Light
4. Calling from the Other Side
5. In the Darkness
6. The Final Victory
7. You & I
8. Master
9. Return from the Shadows

Peter Gacik – Drums
Richard Germanus – Guitar
Martin Čičo – Guitar
Martin Klein – Vocals
Viktor Vega – Bass