Speed Limit – Anywhere We Dare

Reviewed: January 2018
Released: 2017, Pure Rock
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Here we have a great sounding heavy band from Austria. Speed Limit is a band that had formed in 1979. Speed Limit’s history, for one reason or another has plenty of gaps in it. ANYWHERE WE DARE is the 4th full-length release in addition to two split EPs in the late ‘80’s in their 31 year career.

Even with all the career gaps between releases, these hard and heavy metal veterans manage to keep their focus tight and in line with what they set out to do three decades ago. That is to deliver some of the most unrelenting classic sounding heavy metal on the planet. Speed Limit, as with many veteran bands reforming these days seem to stay true to their upbringing. A sound that is heavily influenced with the stylings of the NWOBHM movement and the sounds of early Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Saxon to name a few.

ANYWHERE WE DARE does present itself with moments of melodicism while never letting up on the hard driving riffs that can be found throughout. The intricacy of the guitar work is a pleasant change of pace from the most usual ‘same ‘ole couple of chords’ that many acts use. So to me, the talent of not only the players is there but the songwriting skills as well. Manuel Brettl’s vocals are delivered spot on perfect.

I really like this release. It is not only a classic metal sounding disc but also an unexpectedly grand hard rock offering. Good stuff guys. Check ‘em out.


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Track Listing:
1. Anywhere We Dare
2. Sober Truth
3. Sweet Morphine
4. No More Ace to Play
5. Step Out of the Line
6. Sign of the Times
7. Good Year for Bad Habits
8. Retired Hero
9. Bridges
10. Dealing with Danger
11. Affinity of Souls

Chris Pawlak – Bass
Chris Angerer – Guitars
Joe Eder – Guitars
Hannes Vordermayer – Drums
Manuel Brettl – Vocals