Popoff, Martin – Tornado Of Souls (Book Review)

Reviewed: January 2018
Released: 2017, PowerChord Press
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP


Part Three of the ground breaking Thrash trilogy.

It feels like quite a long gap between the second and third books in Popoff’s Thrash trilogy. I reviewed CAUGHT IN A MOSH back in July 2017 and here we are in late December as I write this. It was worth the wait because TORNADO OF SOULS nicely completes the trilogy.

The book matches the others in terms of production, style, tone and content which is to say all top notch. It is kinda cool how they all match when you have them on your bookshelf! This time Popoff covers late 1986 up until late 1991. It was a quick, fun and easy read with the now familiar time-line format. He runs through key dates and even some not so key dates describing the large number of third wave bands enterri9gn the scene on almost a monthly basis. It was nice to see bands like Dyoxen get an honourbale mention! It was interesting to read a book where I think I have every single album the author referenced. All of them! Even Virus! It was like reading my high-school yearbook…all so familiar. There are lots of great graphics, cool memorabilia and a mountain of quotes from the guys who were there making it all happen. I don’t think you can find a more comprehensive, analytical look at that later half of the golden decade of thrash.

As I referenced in my review of the second book in the series, I was concerned that there would not be enough time or space to write a comprehensive history of the later years of thrash. Well, I was correct, Popoff decided to close off the story at the end of the ‘classic’ years of the genre, as the first wave ends, as some observers agree with the Clash Of The Titans tour in the early 90’s, when thrash inarguably reached its commercial zenith. Maybe there will another book (or two) covering the last quarter of the century, (1992-2017) but knowing Popoff’s tastes and style, it might be a job for a younger writer who is more emotionally in tune with all the Warbringers, Toxic Holocausts and Municipal Wastes of the world.

Once again, Popoff has set the standard, with a definitive version of the history of thrash Metal. Any thrash fan should own this trilogy, and it looks good on your bookshelf too!

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Publisher: Power chord Press
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