Operation Mindcrime – The New Reality

Reviewed: January 2018
Released: 2017, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

There is no doubting the simple fact that Geoff Tate is one of the premier heavy metal vocalists of our time. I too was a big fan of Queensryche of yesteryear. I have not heard much from the latter version of the band, but I know it is good. With that being said, I don’t need Tate always talking about how great he is and that he is the voice of his former band. Yea yea, we get it.

So we all know the dirt that has been slung over the few years since his departure from Queensryche. A damn shame if you ask me, but none the less, Tate formed what we now have as Operation: mindcrime. As strongly stated by Tate several times is only a project that was formed only to release a conceptual trilogy with all three albums being recorded around the same time. From what I read, it was Frontiers Records that wanted to release these as three separate albums. I spread things out and have kept people talking so, smart move!

I heard parts of the second release RESURRECTION, which if I recall correctly was a bit heavier than THE NEW REALITY. Upon first listen, it took me back to RAGE FOR ORDER era of his career. For those who waited in anticipation for that album, as I, went into a state of shock after the first listen. It was definitely one to grow on and defined the genre at the time. For those following OMC, this will bring the theme full circle and musically may be what you are expecting. For those maybe just getting around to giving OMC a listen, THE NEW REALITY tends to lean towards the more artistic side of Tate, not the metal side. It is at best a rock offering. It plays off as atmospheric and ambient at times. Not to say this is a bad thing, just something that really needs to be digested a bit before truly deciding on whether or not you like it or dislike it.

I must say with my first spin, it was a tad bit disappointing. Disappointing for the simple fact that I was reading all the hype created about the project and the previous releases. I maybe should have known better, but still fell for it. I have listened to this album several times. And with that, I can say that I now get it. It is one that needs to be digested a bit more than your average album. There really is a lot going on from start to finish.

I cannot say either way that this is necessarily a good or bad album. What I can say is that it is what Geoff Tate is all about. His art. And for that, congrats. It is a likeable album, just not one that will blow your socks off.


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Track Listing:
1. A Head Long Jump
2. Wake Me Up
3. It Was Always You
4. The Fear
5. Under Control
6. The New Reality
7. My Eyes
8. A Guitar in Church?
9. All for What?
10. The Wave
11. Tidal Change
12. The Same Old Story

John Moyer – Bass
Simon Wright – Drums
Brian Tichy – Drums
Scott Moughton – Guitars
Kelly Gray – Guitars
Randy Gane – Keyboards
Geoff Tate – Vocals