Iron Maiden – Legacy Of The Beast (Book review)

Reviewed: December 2017
Released: 2017, Heavy Metal Comics
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP


The first Iron Maiden comic! Part 1 of 5.

There was a little bit of activity in the Iron Maiden camp this week with two release the comic and the double Live album. I decided to do a quick review of each. Enjoy.

Iron Maiden has launched a five issue comic series based on the new Iron Maiden game. The first issue debuted this week and it is pretty cool. I have not played the game so I don’t know how accurate the comic is to the plotline but the story is easy enough to follow. It is a simple action/quest story, violent but not too graphic. Eddie is off on a quest to find four parts of a magical crystal, part of his ‘soul’ that have been taken by various adversaries.

This is a standard 28 page comic printed on glossy paper. The art and colouring is big, bright and beautiful and as much as we are used to Eddie drawn by Riggs or Monjeaud, the team of Kevin West (pencils) and Jason Gorder (inks) do a fine job. My only minor grip is the dialogue of the Clairvoyant. She often drops modern street slang which really diminishes the overall impact of her ability and staus as a magical seer. At one point the all-powerful enchantress she opens a rift in time and space (no easy task) and says…’Step into my office!” and “Excuse the mess” Really? Often her one-liners were dumb.

I’ve read quite a few Metal themed comics and this is a good as any of them. Well worth it, and fun for any Iron Maiden fan to see our ghoulish hero in action.

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Publisher: Heavy Metal Comics
Pages: 28