The Iron Maidens @ O2 Academy Islington, London

The Iron Maidens

@ O2 Islington Academy, London

October 29, 2017

Review by Gabor Csete

Photography by Miguel de Melo

I have to tell you that I am not a big fan of tribute bands. I’ve always thought that if someone is able to play another person’s music in a good level, then one should play its own. To be really honest, everyone who’s ever had an instrument should play their own stuff – it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad – it will be better than anything else as it is their own.

Anyway, this year I somehow managed to fail to see Iron Maiden, so when I got the chance to see The Iron Maidens – the all-female Iron Maiden tribute band from Los Angeles – I took it. At least I could hear some songs live. There was another reason I knew about the girls: Bruce Dickinson talked about them in an interview and the whole band saw them in Mexico a couple of years ago.

There was no support which in some way is a positive thing, although I think that £20+ for a tribute band is too much. As I went through the crowd to get some beer I realised that this was probably the oldest crowd I’ve ever seen at a gig. As I ordered my pint of brew I nearly lost my mind ’cause at the end of the bar I saw the legend himself, the original vocalist of Iron Maiden: Mr. Paul Di’Anno. I hoped he wasn’t just there to watch the girls but perform as well.

Lights went out and from the speakers the audience heard the famous words of Sir Winston Churchill so it was obvious that the ladies would start with ‘Aces High’. After the first few seconds it was clear why The Iron Maidens are a touring band. They’re good. Really good. Those Maiden songs sounded nearly the same. All the girls are talented, professional musicians. After the great opening they went galloping through an amazing set containing songs from every era of the greatest band of NWOBHM: they even played ‘Alexander The Great’ – a song that Iron Maiden never played. During the set the famous mascot, Eddie, came in a few times and even the Devil himself appeared on the stage. The last song was ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ which I guess made the fans really happy ’cause Iron Maiden did not play this song on their tour due to a lawsuit.

Then came the encore, the little gift that Kirsten ‘Bruce Chickinson’ Rosenberg told us about during their set, my dream for the night: Paul Di’Anno on stage. He said that the girls had helped him out a while ago so he’s always happy to see them. Together they played ‘Wrathchild’ and as the crowd wanted more they had to play the anthem: ‘Iron Maiden’. Paul isn’t in the best form of his life. His voice wasn’t bad, but Kristen had to help him out a few times.

All in all, it was a good night. I think everyone who likes Iron Maiden could easily enjoy The Iron Maidens, so if you have free time and 20 quid you should check them out next time.



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