Malmo Festival 2017 – Frantic Amber, Altair, Hysterica, Oliver Rock, Team Anarchy, Dead Sleep, Va Rocks and more


Since it was the first weekday of the festival the Rock Stage had fewer acts performing this day, four bands totally and the shows were going to end at 11. Today there was one band that I was interested in seeing at Rock Stage and it was the first band Dead Sleep which was the first band out. The description of the band in the program states that they play a mix of thrash, metal and punk with a hint of NWOBHM. The band has until today released one vinyl single and their debut album is scheduled to be released late this year or early next year. So far Dead Sleep, from Malmo, performed at Sweden Rock Festival and Gefle Metal Festival.

When it was about 10 minutes left until the show started people started to gather inside the tent and as scheduled the band kicked off the show at 6.30.

Dead Sleep

“Valkyria” set the tone for the show and right from the start the show was fast, brutal and mean. Singer/bassplayer Wagner thanked for the support and said it was nice to be at Rock Stage performing this night. “Welcome To Hell” followed and both lights and sound worked in favor of the band. Rock Stage really improved both the sound system as well as the lighting since last year. “Bring The Knife” continued the show after which guitarist Bader said he wanted the crowd to scream for the band in “Aleppo”. I thought the description in the program of the bands music was quite fitting and they sounded like I thought they would. Great!! Smoke filled up the stage in “Sleepwalkers” luckily the smoke soon disappeared and made it possible to take pictures again. Wagner asked how the crowd was doing and then fired off “Conquer” which was followed by the new song “Back To Black”. Dead Sleep consists of:

Anna Wagner – lead vocals, bass
Marcus Bader – guitar
John Salo – guitar
Per Olofsson – drums

The band knew how to take on a crowd and especially Wagner looked really cool and she acted like the natural front woman for the band. “Civil Unrest” continued the show and Wagner said the crowd was the best one and that it’s always special to play in your hometown. “Staying” was supposed to end the show but since the band had a few minutes left they chose to leave the crowd with “Hatchet Eye” as the last song.

I was really impressed by the music of Dead Sleep and can’t wait to hear their debut album. The band really knew how to take on a crowd and their intense and fierce music fit the purpose perfectly. This show was one of the best I’ve seen at the festival so far and I was really intrigued by their music.

Set list
Welcome To Hell
Bring the Knife
Back To Black
Civil Unrest
Hatchet Eye



A new day and a few new bands to see at Rock Stage, today one of the highlights of the festival was going to perform in Va Rocks That was also the one and only band that interested me this Tuesday. At Monday the Posthusstage where the punk/rock act The Bronx performed during the week closed. Sad but true, why does the festival keep on close their ears and eyes when it comes to harder acts? It’s lucky we who love rock and metal music has the Rock Stage to go to.

Va Rocks Is a power trio consisting of three women that comes from the southern parts of Sweden and they released their debut album last year called PULL NO PUNCHES (which by the way is one of the best albums of 2016).

The trios music is inspired by AC/DC, The Runaways, Danko Jones, The Ramones and Girlschool and they have performed and toured heavily throughout south of Sweden the past years.

I was at the site at 6 o clock and was really eager to see what the girls were going to deliver this time around. A lot of people was hanging out in the bar talking to friends while listening to the DJ. When it was about 15 minute left for the show to start people went into the tent waiting for the band to go on.

Va Rocks

The band strapped on their instruments and the first song out was the excellent fast pace punch of a song in “Kiss This Fist”. The band opened the show really strong and they maintained that during the 45 minutes the show lasted for. Singer/guitarist Vollmer is an explosion on stage and she never rest until the show is over, the band had the crowd in the palm of their hands and there weren’t a dull moment at all. “Get Excited” continued the show after which Vollmer thanked the Rock Stage for booking the band and that it was fun to play in Malmo again. It was time to take up a guest on stage and it was none other than Jalle Lorensson (harmonica player in one of the best rock acts from Sweden ever, Wilmer X). The crowd cheered for Lorensson as he came up and did his thing together with the band in “Killing Me”. Since I loved Wilmer X when the band was alive I thought it was great fun to once again see Lorensson in action. After having thanking Lorensson for his efforts Vollmer said it was time for “Play It Like An Animal” and smoke covered the stage.

Since last time I saw the trio they have become an even better live act and today there’s hard to find such a dedicated and hard working trio as Va Rocks. It has been great fun to follow the band and I can’t wait to see them take on the bigger stages in the future, they’re going to blow the minds of many rock n rollers worldwide. It was now time for Vollmer to take up another guest on stage, this time it was Jake from The Headlines turn to do this thing with the band in the Swedish punk song “Du Är Inte Min Hitler” (You’re Not My Hitler). Normally Jake plays the guitar in the punk rock act The Headlines which also comes from Malmo. The song resides from back in the days when the band was called VA?!. lead vocals was shared between Vollmer and drummer Rosén which also is a very competent singer.

VA Rocks drew the biggest crowd to the tent I’ve experienced during the festival and I’m not surprised over that, the band is really loved and successful in Malmoe. The trio consists of:

Ida Svensson Vollmer – lead vocals, guitar
Klara Wedding – bass
Frida Rosén – drums

So was it time for a ballad in “Sunday Walk Of Shame” with Vollmer together with Jake stage performing a very stripped down and beautiful version of the song by her own. When the ballad was over and the rest of the band re-entered the stage Vollmer asked if the crowd was ready for “Rockbitch” and the tempo was frantic yet again. Then followed “Bluesman” which on the album is a duet between Vollmer and Pontus Snibb, live it was drummer Rosén that took care of Snibb’s vocal parts and she did it just as good as he. Vollmer had the crowd to sing the chorus of the song and it sounded like almost everyone sang along. Since last time the trio performed live at Rock Stage three years ago they have only gotten better and better and have improved as a live act. Ok, Vollmer said, it’s not easy walking around in a pair of women shoes today – here is “Miami High Heels”. The bands mix of rock music paired with AC/DC and The Ramones influences worked really well and the band goes from clarity to clarity each year.

Rosén thanked the crowd for the support and said that it was now time for the last song, after that we all are coming out to meet you all, don’t forget to purchase PULL NO PUNCHES after the show. “Rattlesnake” was the last song out in which Rosén and Vollmer once again shared lead vocals. In the middle of the song Vollmer said the band had been together for 11 years and she then introduced the other two members. The band did an extended version of the song with handclaps from the crowd as well as sing alongs. Thanks everyone we love you all Vollmer said as the band finished the song and walked off stage and their 45 minutes in the spotlight at Rock Stage was over.

The girls delivered a really fun and solid show but I didn’t expect anything less from them. The only thing I lacked was to hear a new song since they ran through almost the entire PULL NO PUNCHES album. The band is an explosive power trio with the world ahead of them and make sure to buy PULL NO PUNCHES! This show was one of the absolute highlights during the festival.

Set list
Kiss This Fist
Get Excited
Killing Me
Play It Like An Animal
Du Är Inte Min Hitler
Sunday Walk Of Shame
Miami High Heels

As soon as the band got their gear of the stage they came out talking to fans and signing autographs. The band has always been really kind to their fans and that is what I appreciate in a band. The show ended the stay at the Rock Stage for me.

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