Evergrey + Need @ The Underworld, London

Evergrey + Need

@ The Underworld, London

26th September 2017

Review and photos by Oliver M.

One year after their fantastic show at the Koko (supporting Dutch Symphonic metallers Delain), Evergrey were back in London as headliners on Tuesday 26th of September. The Swedes have recently done a successful European tour to promote their latest album “The Storm Within”. This excellent opus has been highly praised by the international press and fans so far. AFM Records did a great promotion job for the band by releasing four official music videos for this album.

Moreover, the participation of Nightwish’s vocalist Floor Jansen on the songs “In Orbit” and “Disconnect” helped them to win more fans. If I’m not wrong, it was the third time Evergrey played at the Underworld. Two years ago, they delivered an incredible performance in that same venue to honour their critically-acclaimed masterpiece “Hymns for the Broken“. Greek Progressive metallers Need were chosen as support band for the Storm Over Europe 2017 tour.

Need (3/5)

Formed in 2004 in Athens, this Hellenic Progressive metal act has released four albums and one live DVD until now. Despite being an avid fan of the genre, I’ve never heard about them before and this is probably due to the fact they’ve never signed with a big label.

They’ve got a solid fan base in their home country but have never achieved international recognition within the Prog’ scene. The band offered a nice performance but it could have been much better. Indeed, the keyboards weren’t enough highlighted compared to the other instruments.

Sometimes, we couldn’t even hear them properly. I don’t know if it was intended or not but I believe there was a sound problem here. Anyway, the Greeks were very pleased to perform in London for the second time.

Their compositions are complex in general, alternating aggressive moments and melodic parts. The musicians have some good technical skills except vocalist Jon V. who appears to be the band’s weakest point. It’s a pity because their music could have a much better impact with a high-pitched voice.

Need played four tracks from their latest self-produced record “Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom” and one from their third album “Orvam – A Song for Home”. It was a nice discovery but I still think they can do better.


1. Rememory
2. Alltribe
3. Mother Madness
4. Tilikum
5. Hegaiamas

Evergrey (5/5)

As soon as Evergrey came on stage, the audience became far more enthusiastic! It was the third time I’ve seen them live and once again, Tom Englund and his mates delivered an amazing show as always. Great musicianship.

The Swedish Progressive metal masters performed 16 songs to perfection, spanning most of their discography. However, it’s interesting to notice they didn’t play “Blinded” (from the album “Recreation Day”) which is considered as one of the band’s classics.

Fortunately, their performance was so impressive that the audience forgot this surprising fact in the end. In general, the sound was excellent, which was unexpected as the Underworld is definitely not a good venue for Progressive and Power metal acts.

I really appreciated the lights throughout their set, with the contrast between colours (white and dark blue for example).

They especially use darker colours for the most sorrowful parts and that makes the show even more captivating. Tom Englund is still very charismatic and despite being very tired, he enjoys communicating with the crowd.

Henrik Danhage’s guitar solos were flawless and he even delivered a brilliant one as a present. Moreover, Rikard Zander performed some melancholic piano parts as interludes and they’re really stunning.

Anyway, he has always been a very inspired keyboardist. They’ve never disappointed their fans throughout their 22 year career.

In the end, the Swedes received very warm applause from the audience and as usual, all members had the nice idea to go straight to the merchandising area in order to sign CDs and vinyls.

Many thanks to Evergrey for their great kindness and offering us an unforgettable night!


1. Solitude Within
2. Mark of the Triangle
3. Leave It Behind Us
4. The Fire
5. Distance
6. A New Dawn
7. Black Undertow
8. My Allied Ocean
9. Words Mean Nothing
10. I’m Sorry
11. Broken Wings
12. The Grand Collapse
13. When the Walls Go Down
14. Recreation Day
15. A Touch of Blessing
16. King of Errors



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