Madame Mayhem releases debut video from forthcoming new studio release.

Madame Mayhem has just released her new video to help kick off the release campaign for her forthcoming new album and tour this fall with Fozzy. 
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Madame Mayhem’s official music video for “All Around The World”.   

Madame Mayhem – All Around The World [Official Video] here :

This is the first single off the new album “Ready For Me”, that will be released on Friday, October 20, 2017.  
“All Around The World” –
*Written by Corey LoweryClint Lowery and Madame Mayhem*
*Produced by Corey Lowery*
First single off the upcoming Madame Mayhem “Ready For Me” album release.
Madame Mayhem quote:
All Around The World” is really about feeling like it’s you against the world, and racing against time. 
It’s about the pressures to succeed in such a short amount of time, people thinking they know best, and are lost in their own worlds, only concerned about themselves. In this rat race we all live in today, it’s getting harder and harder to break through, even if you work your ass off. The song is upbeat, kind of a more pop punk ish vibe. 
The music video was done by Industrialism Films, whom I have worked on other music videos with (Monster, Left For Dead). 
It’s a really cool concept about the monitored world today and how we as people forget how to function or get out of our own heads because of it.
People are constantly being monitored by someone all around the world. However each person seems to live in their own technologically created world inside their head. People no longer interact. It doesn’t matter where on the planet you live, everyone is really being the same. Someone’s always watching us, yet we’re living within ourselves, not paying attention to anything but our own lives.