Dark Days For Helsinki Nosturi

Dark Days Of Helsinki was held for the first time in the Nosturi club. The line-up was tremendous and maintained an old-school death metal spirit. That same kind of concept has been carried out in Stockholm, obvious the last one was forced to cancel because of a terror threat. For this, the legendary Cancer has never ever visited Finland before and Memoriam did their debut gig at the fest. The two day event should have received more attention from the Finnish death metal fans. Approximately 200 people crawled into the club to witness those bands. Despite the low attendance, the second part of Dark Days will be take place.

The domestic black metal squad called Kyy (Viper in English) had got the privilege to kick the two day event off. Despite the low attendance Kyy performed with a grotesque and brutal black metal approach.

The long time death metal mongers Necropsy still hold the old school death metal flag up high. Necropsy’s death metal sounded brutal, but the band would have been in the much tighter as keeping the break between songs was tremendous long, maybe a bit too long. Songs should have been nailed with the intensive grip by hammering the audience down without elongated breaks every song. Necropsy would have been much brutal. Looking forward to the next gig by these death metal masters for sure.

IXXI having released four albums on various labels,  have made a visit to Finland before. Obviously IXXI isn’t that known in Finland even though the audience politely followed the band’s playing. The band’s performance was merciless and savage.

CULT OF OCCULT turned out the most interesting act on the list for sure. The raw and barbaric approach definitely surprised most of the people in the attendance. Even Gregor praised CULT OF OCCULT by labeling his new fave band. This squad should be booked for the next Roadburn. The stuff is so obscure, raw and primitive. Cult Of Occult was a real interesting act due to the barbaric outburst. The band wasn’t visual, the stuff definitely appealed to the extreme crowd.

VALLENFYRE led by the Paradise Lost guitarist Gregor Mackintosh concluded the first day. Greg has undergone a radical metamorphosis from the long haired metal guy to the crust punker with the small mohican. Even thought Vallenfyre draws influences from the death metal genre, but there are obvious crust punk elements in the


AMPUTORY truly hit heavy and hard. The band didn’t waste time on worthless waiting, just pounding the brutal death metal as it was supposed to be and sound. The old school death metal mongers nailed the set with the intensive grip in 30 minutes. Amputory truly relies on the old school death metal roots.


Foreseen has never let down what comes to their ultimate raging stage performance. When the band shared the stage along with several hard core bands a few years, the respond was totally blistering rage right from the beginning to the end. The crossover thrash didn’t appeal to the audience as it could have been expected. Obviously the metal crowd is more stuck whereas the hardcore crowd would have gone totally nuts. However the band hit the song after the song with the intensive grip and raging performance. The vocalist has definitely adopted the aggressive moving from the side to the side.


Cancer crawled to the death metal scene with the big scale in the early 90’s by releasing two albums of which the band’s material is better known. Cancer dissolved in the mid 90’s and has been on hiatus more or less. Until the trio has been gigging and finally made it to Finland for the first time ever. The three piece mostly focused on the material off from those first two albums and concluded the set by doing the Celtic Frost cover “Dethroned Emperor”. Cancer sounded quite raw and as simple as possible.

MEMORIAM has taken the death metal genre by storm. Why not as the line-up definitely breathes the old school death meta with the former and current members from Bolt Thrower and Benediction. The 60 minute set consisted of the Memoriam material from releases and of course a couple of expected cover tunes. Karl Willet didn’t speak that much when being in Bolt Thrower, instead fronting Memoriam he communicated with the audience by telling  a bit more about the lyrics and their background. The set had a plenty of Memorian songs and the mandatory Bolt Thrower song titled “Spearhead”. Memoriam didn’t sound that crushing as Bolt Thrower did ten years ago. However Memorian keeps the old school death metal flag up with the pride.

Entombed AD was formed from the ashes of Entombed as  it is widely known because of the legal hassles between certain members. That didn’t prevent Entombed AD from doing the back to the roots sounding gig feat. a lot of Entombed classic tunes from the first three albums and of course a few newer ones from the Entombed AD releases. As for the performance and being at the stage, frankly the whole band was truly in the fire and sounded tight and especially extremely professional killer. The frontman L.G Petrov looks some sort of bum sweating thru the whole gig. His flegmatic, yet passionate performance was truly fun to follow. The set consisted of the older Entombed material off the first three album as well as a couple of newer tracks from both the Entombed AD albums. Even though the line-up feat L.G. Petrov as a surviving member, they still kick ass and hard.




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