Copenhell Festival 2017 at Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark


With too little sleep it was time for the second day of the festival. Today bands like Airbourne, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Black Star Riders and Candlemass were going to perform. The headliners this day were Alter Bridge and Five Finger Death Punch on the main stage. After a brief hold up, the meet and greet opportunities were back on and today it was possible to meet Airbourne and Black Star Riders to mention a few. We missed the Baroness show and got prepared to see Airbourne instead. The sky was jammed with clouds and rain started to drizzle as we arrived. The biggest clash band-wise today was between Black Star Riders and Candlemass; both were performing at the exact same time on different stages. Instead of walking around the premises we took cover from the rain in the VIP bar until it was time to head out to the Helviti stage.

It’s amazing that Copenhell manages to book so many huge bands every year; they organizers deserve credit for that as they left many fans feeling satisfied with the brilliant line up this year. It’s also nice that the festival’s branched out genre wise and offered acts from all the various metal genres and not only from the more extreme metal departments as it was the first year.

The Australian act Airbourne, led by the O’Keefe brothers, are back with a brand new album titled BREAKIN’ OUTTA HELL, their first with the new guitarist Harri Harrison. When there was about 20 minutes left before the show we left the tent and went towards the stage where a lot of people had already gathered.


The members all ran out and kicked off the show with the energetic “Ready to Rock” that pretty much set the standard for the rest of the show. “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast” followed instantly and as always, singer/guitarist Joel O’Keeffe ran around like a maniac on stage. The bad weather didn’t seem to bother either band or crowd as it was full speed ahead from both sides. Joel thanked the fans and asked how they were doing and if they were ready for some rock n’ roll. “Rivalry”, which is a new song, followed and the line up in the band is:

Joel O’Keeffe – vocals, guitar
Harri Harrison – guitar
Ryan O’Keeffe – drums
Justin Street – bass

It felt like Airbourne was highly anticipated by the crowd and all the fans went crazy for the band. Joel continued by saying, “Tonight Copenhell, we’re going “Down On You”!”, which was a song that really set the crowd on fire. The more current songs went down with the crowd just as well as the older ones and the fans sang along to them all. When it was time for a guitar change Harrison played a solo while waiting for Joel to get ready and then it was time for the major hit, “Cheap Wine and Cheaper Women”. When Joel wasn’t singing he ran around banging his head. Say what you want about Airbourne but they never do a boring show. Joel stopped by the drums and took out a bottle of wine that he held up saying, “I have found a bottle of cheap wine!”, the fans applauded as he drank it and sang along to the lyrics. After the song he grabbed a beer can shouting, “Cheers Copenhell, do you also want some beer?”, as he started throwing cans into the audience. “Do we have anyone that’s hung over today?”, he asked and parts of the crowd clapped their hands. “Well let’s speed up the tempo in “Girls In Black”!”, he said and jumped down into photo pit. He got up on a roadie’s shoulder and walked around the pit while playing his guitar.

“Have you seen the video we’ve done with Lemmy driving a truck? Well if it wasn’t for Lemmy we wouldn’t be standing here!”, Joel said, “Lemmy helped us out so much and we were also able to tour together with Motorhead. I want you all to shout “Lemmy” as loud as you can!” The next song was dedicated to the Motorhead master and it was “It’s All for Rock n’ Roll”, which felt like a really nice celebration for the legend. For the second time around Joel jumped down into the pit and did his guitar solo there, sending the fans went crazy as they tried to reach out and touch him. For his part, Joel laughed and seemed to be having a great time.

The stage filled up with smoke and as the bass player and drummer played, Joel said that the next song was dedicated to everyone who’s had a tough time in their lives and it was “Breakin’ Outta Hell”. The band’s really catchy rock n’ roll music was really contagious and as the show proceeded the fans became more and more wild. They jumped up and down, sang and even kept up the crowd surfing. Joel introduced their new guitarist who then kicked off the next song, the epic “No Way but the Hard Way”, taken from 2010’s NO GUTS NO GLORY. “I see you all up on the hill”, Joel said, “how are you doing? And how are you down here doing? I want to see everyone clapping your hands!” The song turned into an extra long version and when it ended Joel drank a new beer and tossed it into the crowd. “Stand Up For Rock n’ Roll” followed and even though I (Anders) have seen the band many times before, one can never be sure what Joel is about to do on stage. He does what he wants, whether it’s climbing to the top of the stage or crushing beer cans with his forehead; he’s a force of nature. That song ended the show and it felt like the band suffered a little of shortage of time during the last songs and 60 minutes simply flew by.

It only took a few minutes until a roadie came out putting an air raid siren on stage, the old ones that you wind manually, and out came Ryan O’Keeffe starting to wind it up and out from the speakers came noise as the stage was lit up by red lights. When the rest of the band came out he sat behind the drums and Joel asked if anyone wanted some beer. “Well, stupid question maybe”, he said and laughed when all of the fans shouted “yes”. He opened a beer and threw it into the crowd and said it was time for a wall of death. The wall of death took place during the first encore “Live It Up”, that was also extended because of a guitar solo by Joel. “Running Wild” followed and a circle pit was formed straight away. “Now it’s time to leave Copenhell”, Joel said, “and believe me when I say we have had a great time playing for you. As long as you guys want to hear and see us we’re going to come back, we are nothing without you – we love our fans and rock n’ roll will never die!”. With those words the band left the stage and 80 minutes just flew by.

Ulrika – I have never been a dedicated fan of the band; sure I have listened to their music and occasionally nodded my head and thought, “OK, this song was good or this tune was pretty catchy”. But that was before I saw Airbourne live! I wouldn’t say the show changed my life and turned it upside down but I definitely enjoyed the performance because it was so obvious the band loved what they were doing and play their music for the fans. I really enjoyed the show and am definitely going to see the guys if they play near me in the future.

The set list was great and offered a good mix between older and more current songs. It was nice to see new guitarist Harrison blend in so well with the rest of the band. He maybe felt a bit shy from time to time but that’s probably going to change when he gets more use to being on stage. The only negative thing with the show was that it was too short, we wanted to see more!

Set list
Ready To Rock
Too Much, To Young, To Fast
Down On You
Cheap Wine And Cheaper Women
Girls In Black
It’s All For Rock n’ Roll
Breakin’ Outta Hell
No Way But The Hard Way
Stand Up For Rock n’ Roll
Live It Up
Runnin’ Wild

It was now time for a short break until The Dillinger Escape Plan hit the Hades stage at 6.15. The bands on the two biggest stages played shorter sets this year compared to previous years which gave us a little more time to head over to the next stage before the next show started. The Dillinger Escape Plan is an American band that kicked off their career back in 1997. Up to now, the experimental metal/metalcore act has released 6 albums. The newest one titled, DISSOCATION came out in 2016 and since then the band’s decided to end their career, meaning this was the last show for TDEP on Danish soil.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

“Prancer” was the opening song and it was full speed ahead from the very start. The crowd followed along at top energy with no turning back. Singer Greg Puciato used the amps in the photo pit to walk around which made him come closer to the raving fans. The stage filled up with smoke and the show was really intense to say the least. “When I Lost My Bet” followed and the line up in the band is:

Greg Puciato – lead vocals
Ben Weinman – guitar
Liam Wilson – bass
Billy Rymer – drums
Kevin Antreassian – guitar

The fans were given no time to catch their breath as “Panasonic Youth” and “Black Bubblegum” continued the show. Puciato thanked the crowd for being there supporting the band. “Milk Lizard”, “Surrogate” and “Symptom of Terminal Illness” all woke up the crowd as they surfed their way through the show. However, we weren’t that impressed by the show but then again neither of us are fans of experimental metal at all.

The show proceeded in the same energetic and explosive tempo as it started but there were no signs of the band or fans being tired. “Happiness Is a Smile” and “One of Us is a Killer” followed and it was fun to see such an energetic band live in action. The 80 minutes the band was on stage went really fast and they sure left Copenhell in ruins with their ecstatic live show. We’re sure that fans are going to talk about this show for a long time.

Again, this band and their music is not our style but we understand that fans get ravished when they hear the music. It was an explosive appearance by the band and we appreciated the show more than the music they played. We’re not going to buy any albums but it was fun to have seen them on their last show in Denmark.

Set list
When I Lost My Bet
Panasonic Youth
Black Bubblegum
Milk Lizard
Symptom Of Terminal Illness
Happiness Is A Smile
One Of Us Is A Killer
Farewell, Mona Lisa
Sunshine The Werewolf
Limerent Death
43% Burnt

Once again it was time for a break. The next band up was Alter Bridge and even though we haven’t listen to the band much, we were looking forward to seeing them. As I (Anders) was standing and waiting in line to the photo pit, I spoke with a few photographers that said they were pretty disappointed over the fact that we hadn’t been allowed to take pictures of the two biggest acts.

When Creed was put to rest back in 2004, band members Tremonti, Marshall and Philips began to work with singer Myles Kennedy. The name Alter Bridge was taken from a bridge located on the Alter Road close to Tremonti’s home in Detroit, Michigan. The same year the band released their debut ONE DAY REMAINS and after that four more albums have been unleashed. As I (Ulrika) was standing in the crowd I could see that Alter Bridge was one of the bands that drew one of the biggest crowds of the festival. The hill across the stage was entirely jammed with people when the presenter came out and introduced the band. Now it was time for the hard rocking alternative act to take on Copenhell.

Alter Bridge

As the stage filled up with smoke the members came out and fired off “Come to Life”; judging by the sound of the crowd, the band was hotly anticipated. Kennedy looked a little surprised that the crowd was so excited for the band and he couldn’t stop grinning. “Further Than the Sun” followed and “Addicted to Pain” came next.

The line-up in the band is:

Myles Kennedy – lead vocals, guitar
Mark Tremonti – guitar
Brian Marshall – bass
Scott Philips – drums

While Anders walked out of the photo pit, the band played “White Knuckles” as Kennedy urged the fans to clap their hands. He thanked them for the support and said it was nice to see all the hands in the air. “Ghost of Days Gone” continued the show; Kennedy’s voice was perfect and he proved himself a great front man. The rest of the band also delivered a solid performance while Kennedy switched between singing into the mics all around the stage. Kennedy asked if the fans were doing alright and said it was time for “Cry of Achilles”. “Ties That Bind” followed and the fans greeted both older and new songs with enthusiasm. Kennedy said he was impressed by the festival and that it must be the most evil one in Europe. He wanted everyone in the crowd to sit on the ground because it was time for the band and fans to jump together; as “Crows on a Wire” kicked off, the fans all jumped up from the ground together.

Both lights and sound worked in the band’s favor and when Kennedy took on his guitar and made clear that it was time for “Isolation”, the crowd all roared. More popular tunes like “Blackbird” and “Metalingus” followed, keeping the mood of the show at its peak. After those two songs the show ended but the fans kept cheered to bring the band back for more. The guys came back pretty quickly and the first encore was the great “Show Me a Leader”, which seemed to please the crowd. Kennedy introduced the band and then said, “Copenhell are you ready to “Rise Today”?”, which was the song which ended the show. After a semi-successful sing along the song was over and the band thanked the fans and walked off, ending 75 minutes of music from Alter Bridge.

The band felt tight and treated the fans with a solid performance that included many great songs. Even though Alter Bridge’s music isn’t our favorite, we could enjoy the skilled performance and the great vocals by Kennedy.

Set list
Come To Life
Further Than The Sun
Addicted To Pain
White Knuckles
Ghost Of Days Gone By
Cry Of Achilles
Ties That Bind
Crows On A Wire
Show Me A Leader
Rise Today + guitar solo

Now we had a 30 minute break until it was time for the clash between Candlemass and Black Star Riders. We agreed to see Black Star Riders on the Hades stage so we moved over to await the band. The band is kind of an all star act led by Scott Gorham, founded back in 2012. Up to 2017, the band have released three albums, the latest one being HEAVY FIRE earlier this year. Around the same time the band announced the departure of drummer Jimmy DeGrasso who now is a part of Ratt. Chad Szeliga (ex- Breaking Benjamin, ex- Black Label Society) took his role and we were eager to see how he was going to handle the drums. A huge backdrop with the cover of the latest album hung on stage. As the crew prepared the stage a huge truck that was sucking up all the rain water came by to clear the area. The time went by quickly and then it was time for the all star act to make their entrance.

Black Star Riders

As soon as the members showed up on the stage the fans went crazy and the show kicked off with the excellent “All Hell Breaks Loose”. Singer Warwick came out in a leatherjacket and sunglasses looking cool as hell. Next song up was the title track from the new album “Heavy Fire” as the band played the two first songs at a pretty fast tempo. Black Star Riders is:

Ricky Warwick – lead vocals, guitar
Scott Gorham – guitar
Damon Johnson – guitar
Robbie Crane – bass
Chad Szeliga – drums

Warwick then took off his jacket and glasses and it was time for “Bloodshot” and he and the band worked really hard to get the crowd going. The members in the front felt as solid as ever however Szeliga left more to wish for. He dropped one of his drumsticks trying to show off during a song and he didn’t give the music the strength and the power it needs. He felt more like a show off kid rather than a professional musician. Warwick asked how the crowd was doing and said it was time for “Testify Or Say Goodbye” as he walked out on one of the speakers in the photo pit. He really is an excellent frontman that always gives the fans what they ask for.

“The Killer Instinct” was the next song up and it was about now that it began to feel like the fans were getting a little tired as the band didn’t get the same raving response on the following songs as they got on the first ones. The lack of momentum certainly wasn’t the band’s fault though. Warwick asked if we wanted to learn to say something in Gaelic, then he shouted something that was really hard to hear, and fired off “Soldierstown”. Now the darkness started to set over the area which made the lights on stage come on. Warwick tried to get the crowd to shout with him but that didn’t go well; it was only the hardcore fans at the front of the stage that did as he said. Warwick took on his guitar and it was time for “When the Night Comes In” in which he tried to get the fans to sing at his command. The monumental Thin Lizzy song “The Boys Are Back In Town” followed and that piece really woke up the lazy crowd and everyone sang along. One can think that after three albums of their own, the band doesn’t have to rely on Lizzy songs in the set list. The classic tune ended with all four in the front standing together in line just like Thin Lizzy used to do.

Szeliga had the audience clapping their hands while Warwick strapped on an acoustic guitar and fired off “Kingdom of the Lost” in which Johnson and Gorham shared lead guitar brilliantly. Warwick introduced the band and the one that got the most applause was of course Gorham, who looked really happy. “Finest Hour” followed; we thought the new songs worked great live. Warwick wanted everyone to be on the train for “Bound for Glory” in which he wanted the fans to sing along with him.

When the fans heard the intro to the last song for the evening, “Whiskey in the Jar”, they all went crazy. It was the perfect way of ending the show. Warwick let the fans sing the chorus; it seemed like this was the song they had been waiting for. Again, all of the four members stood in position next to each other and it looked really cool. A long outro ended the song and Warwick thanked the fans on the behalf of the band as the guys took a picture with the fans in the background to end the one hour show.

We thought the show was really great and it was nice to hear the current songs live. However both the crowd and the drummer left more to wish for. On his own, Szeliga dragged down the show a couple of notches with attempts to show off. DeGrasso was more solid and trustworthy of a performer and his presence was missed. It felt also quite nice that the band now relies more on their own material rather than on the old Thin Lizzy songs. HEAVY FIRE opened up a new chapter in the Black Star Riders book and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for the band.

Set list
All Hell Breaks Loose
Heavy Fire
Testify Or Say Goodbye
The Killer Instinct
When The Night Comes In
The Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy cover)
Kingdom Of The Last
Finest Hour
Bound For Glory
Whiskey In The Jar (traditional cover)

Time for another short break and as soon as the show was over the crowd moved over to the other stage. Something we never have seen during this festival is fights or any kind of argument; maybe it depends on the fact that hard rockers are nice people that care about the music, each other and to have a good time?

It was soon time for the evening’s big headline act, Five Finger Death Punch, to take the Helviti stage. It seemed like many of the people that attended this day were there specifically to see them. Anders has seen the band a few times before but have never been hooked on their music and neither have I (Ulrika). Even though it was 30 minutes until it was time for the band to kick off their show a big crowd gathered in front of the stage. The band comes from Las Vegas and released their debut album THE WAY OF THE FIST in 2007. Members have come and gone and the most recent departure was this past summer when singer Ivan Moody left. Moody went to rehab earlier this year and was replaced by Tommy Vext (Divine Heresy, Snot, Bad Wolves) for the rest of the shows the band had booked for the summer. It’s still uncertain when or if Moody is going to rejoin the band. We weren’t sure if we were allowed to photograph the band, for some reason all the fuss regarding the photos was made by the American bands, but we had luck this time and Anders soon headed into the photo pit.

Five Finger Death Punch

During the intro music the stage was all black until it suddenly lit up to reveal the band standing there as they fired off the first song “Lift Me Up”. Needless to say the crowd went wild and screamed at the top of their lungs. The band was on fire as Vext wanted the fans to make some noise. He wanted everyone in the crowd to jump in “Never Enough” and judging by the roaring fans this band was one of the most longed for at the festival. Vext wanted to see the fans and ordered the light engineer to turn the lights on to the crowd and said he wanted to see a circle pit formed right away. “Wash It All Away” followed and as I was standing in the crowd, I could see a bunch of people coming out from the pit that security had helped after crowd surfing. Vext urged everyone to be nice to each other and if someone should fall we should help them up again. He said we all should raise our hands to the sky as he fired off “Got Your Six”. The song really set the fans on fire and the band had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Vext asked how Copenhell was doing and wanted the fans to make some noise for his guys in the band. Vext said the band told him that the Danish fans are the meanest ones and that really lit up the fans.

“Bad Company” followed and Vext once again wanted to see everybody’s hands in the air. A short intro of “We Will Rock You” by Queen was played after which it was time for “Jekyll and Hyde”. Vext said that it was a dream coming true for him to be playing with the band, “We are all family”, he said. He also wanted the fans to turn to the person standing beside and say sorry because now was it time for everyone to jump up and down and move around in “Burn MF”. The line-up in the band is:

Tommy Vext Cummings – lead vocals
Zoltan Bathory – guitar
Jeremy Spencer – drums
Jason Hock – guitar
Chris Kael – bass

Vext had the audience sing the chorus with him and then said the band was going to have a competition on which side of the crowd was the best. Bathory said his side was the best but Hock stated his side was the better one. Vext divided the crowd in two sides and each side had to scream “Burn Motherfucker!” as loud they could. That was done a few times and the fans in the middle won. Vext wanted the fans to scream for Hock, who sat down on a chair and put on an acoustic guitar. Vext wanted the fans to turn on their phone lights and it was time for “Wrong Side of Heaven”. In “Coming Down” Vext jumped down into the photo pit; we have to say he did a great job as front man. It can’t be easy to join an already established act with a previous singer that was really loved by the fans but Vext did an amazing job and he felt both honored and humbled by the opportunity he had been given.

The stage turned black and the intro “We are a Ticking Timebomb, War is the Answer” came on and it sounded like former President George W Bush spoke. “I’ll Burn it Down” continued and the song was sung by the bass player. When Vext returned he asked how the fans were doing and he thanked them for letting him living his dream. He once again urged the technician to turn the lights on to the crowd because it was “Hard to See”. It was now time for the last song for the night and “No One Gets Left Behind” followed and another circle pit was formed and that was the end of the show. The fans shouted for more and the band shortly returned with Vext saying, “We love you all and we are really thankful to be here tonight. This is a dream coming true for me”, he said, “and it has been an honor to be playing heavy metal in Denmark for you all”. He then introduced the members in the band and fired off the first encore in “Under and Over It” which made the fans go crazy. He once again wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air and to sing with him. After that he said their sound engineer told them they could play one more song which was the first song the band wrote together in “The Bleeding”. The monitors lit up and the fans held up their cell phone flashes and it looked really nice.

Vext once again thanked the band and the fans and shouted – “When I say Five Finger you say”…and the fans shouted back “Death Punch!”. That ended the 80 minute show and the clock had turned 12.20 at night.

Our lasting memories and feelings of the show were about how amped Vext was to be in the band. He seemed genuinely happy to be fronting the band and his mood rubbed off on the crowd. The band all put on a solid show and the crowd was on fire. It was the perfect way of ending the night at Helviti stage with Five Finger Death Punch.

Set list
Lift Me Up
Never Enough
Wash It All Away
Got Your Six
Bad Company
Jekyll And Hyde
Burn MF
Wrong Side Of Heaven
Coming Down
Burn It Down
Hard To See
No One Gets Left Behind
Under And Over It
The Bleeding

Last but not least out on this second day of the festival was the Romanian/German melodic power metal act Powerwolf on the Hades stage at 12.45. Anders saw Powerwolf in action in Copenhagen last year and passed them by at Wacken Open Air. I (Ulrika) have never seen them before but since I’m a lover of cheesy outfits paired up with some catchy choruses, I was pretty certain that I was going to like Powerwolf. We started to feel a little worn out of the long day; it takes a tolls on the legs to be standing on gravel and asphalt for several hours in a row. At the end of the night the soap and the hand-disinfection were gone, the trash bins were flooded, and half of the garbage was lying on the ground – we were pretty glad that this was the last show for us to see this night.

The band was formed back in 2003 by the fictional brothers Matt and Charles Greywolf. RETURN IN BLOODRED was the name of the debut album that came 2005 and the latest studio album BLESSED AND POSSESSED was unleashed 2015. The band released a numerous string of live DVD/CD’s with the latest one titled PREACHING AT THE BREEZE. The stage was covered in black sheets and behind the drums hung a backdrop. On each side of the drums the keyboard was placed looking more like a church organ with a big statue in front of it. At the front of each side of the stage two black boxes were placed on which the Greywolf brothers were going to stand during the show. A blinged mic stand was placed in the middle and we really got the feeling of a coming metal mass taking place.


The band showed up and fired off the first song of the mass which was “Blessed And Possessed”. The song really set the bar for the rest of the show. The fans went totally mental and the crowd surfing started right away. Keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel jumped down at the front of the stage encouraging the fans to scream even louder for him. He did that now and then during the show and it was him and lead singer Dorn that connected the most with the fans. Dorn walked around holding his mic stand as he sang. He was dressed almost like a medieval monk with a leather cape and make up on. The fans shouted “Powerwolf, Powerwolf” and Dorn looked really happy with the response. “Good morning Copenhell, are you awake?, asked Dorn as he welcomed us all to the only heavy metal mass in Europe. “We need a heavy metal army”, he continued, “do we have that?” The fans all applauded and shouted yes as “Army of the Night” followed. The Greywolf brothers ran across the stage from each side to another during the show and besides that and playing their guitars they didn’t do much else. Dorn said it was amazing to be back in Copenhagen again and said it was time for “Coleus Sanctus”. Dorn said the band had a mission to fight for heavy metal, “Are you with us?” “Amen And Attack” continued the mass and the band had some really great lights that framed the stage really well. Dorn asked if the crowd was wild at Copenhell and it was time for the epic “Sacred and Wild” which brought the fans to ecstasy.

The band’s melodic power metal fits any festival in the world and is pretty harmless. No one can be offended by the band or their lyrics and that, combined with their costumes must be one of the reasons why the band has gained so much popularity the past years. The line-up consists of:

Attila Dorn – lead vocals
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Falk Maria Schlegel – keyboards
Roel Van Helden – drums

A smaller circle pit was formed in front of the stage and the security had a lot to do during the show. Dorn thanked for the applause and asked if the fans wanted to sing along with him. Schlegel came down on stage and together with Dorn he showed the crowd how to sing the parts. After singing a while Dorn asked, “Are you ready for “Armata Strigoi”. In the middle it was time for only the girls to sing and then he changed it to only guys. Dorn pointed at a guy who was singing the girls part and said – “You’re not a girl!”, and laughed. The guys won the battle and as the stage filled up with smoke two roadies came out and lit two small pyres at the front. That was the start of “Let There Be Night” and Dorn encouraged the audience to sing on his command. He dedicated the next song to a guy that crowd surfed naked, and as Dorn encouraged him to do it again he dedicated “Resurrection by Erection” to the naked guy. The naked guy became really popular and Dorn laughed when he saw the guy come soaring on the top of people’s heads. Schlegel jumped down and stood on one of the boxes at the edge of the stage firing up the crowd even more. Dorn said that even though it was early in the morning for the band they loved the audience’s efforts and wanted them to sing. Schlegel and Dorn divided the fans into two sides, one at the left and one at the right and it was time for the fans to have a singing battle against each other. Dorn got so fired up when he heard the response that he tripped and fell down as he was walking towards the mic. After that mishap it was time for the long awaited “Wolves of Armenia”, after the song the stage went pitch black and the only thing that was heard was the chanting from the crowd for Powerwolf.

As the stage lit up again Dorn came out and said it was time for a counter-clockwise circlepit in “Sanctified With Dynamite” in which he let the fans sing the first verse. Dorn said it was almost time to close the mass and that they have had great time playing at the festival for the first time. The closing song was “We Drink Your Blood” and Dorn made a toast with his chalice as the song began. The last thing Dorn wanted the crowd to do was to take a picture along with the band and all the members stood together at the edge of the stage for a selfie with the fans. Dorn thanked the fans for staying and waiting for the band and thanked everyone. 60 minutes had passed and the minutes sure had passed in the blink of an eye.

Obviously Powerwolf’s catchy light melodic power metal appealed to a lot of people at Copenhell. Even though the band’s presence can be a bit cheesy they do it with a certainty and they really do believe in their music and message and that is admirable. Anders thought it was fun to see them again and of course did I (Ulrika) love it. It was everything I thought it would be costumes, bad make up, catchy music and a great atmosphere – what is there not to love about Powerwolf??

Set list
Lupus Daemons (intro)
Blessed And Possessed
Army Of The Night
Coleus Sanctus
Amen And Attack
Sacred And Wild
Armata Strigoi
Let There Be Night
Resurrection By Erection
Werewolves Of Armenia
Sanctified With Dynamite
We Drink Your Blood

After the wolf-shock it was time for us to head home humming “We Drink Your Blood” (damn catchy tune!). Again the shuttle busses went like clockwork and it didn’t take long until we were on the train bound home to Sweden again. The following day waited for us with bands like Europe, the very entertaining Rob Zombie, and the mighty Slayer amongst others.


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