Interview with King Fowley

Interview with King Fowley

by JP

King Fowley: stay ugly

Recently King Fowley published his autobiography, STAY UGLY. We spoke to him about this important mile (grave)stone.  

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What made you decide to write a book now, at this point in your life?  You seem kind of young and your career is still going strong.  Many autobiographies are by our aging heroes (Kiss etc) who are almost wrapped up. Why now?

I was in Las Vegas in 2010 and a guy named Mike Sloan approached me for an interview. at the end of the interview he told me how he had a book publishing company and how he’d love to do a book on my life. from the crazy stories he’d heard to all the years making metal music etc… i told him ‘sure’ sorta thinking it was more a wish then a real idea, but after getting home from tour he contacted me via phone. he was genuinely serious and we discussed it and agreed we’d do one. he interviewed me for the next 3 years over the phone and asked me questions on about everything under the sun. he started to compile the stories and adventures and sent me over his words about 2014 as a small idea for the written book. i didn’t think it was exactly how i’d write it so we both decided for me to write it instead, so over the next 3 years i did. mike and i would go over pieces and add and subtract til we finally decided to put a deadline of it at May 2017. i turned it over to him and he put it into chapters and laid it out and released it on his burning horse media book company in June 2017. why did i do it at this time in my life? really just because i was asked. i had a lot of things in my life to write about and it felt like a good time to put it to paper. i put my heart and soul into it all and am very proud at how it came out!

Did you approach any publishers or was your plan always to stay independent?  

As mentioned Mike Sloan approached me. though he’s a publisher it still feels very independent and underground, so it fits right at home in my heart.

Did you have a writing routine?   Daytime?  Nighttime?  Lots of Coffee?  Did you write it all in one epic barf or did you pick away at it for years?

I typed away for years at all hours of the day and night. i had to do it when i felt it. i’d go weeks feeling it and type away, then it wouldn’t feel good so i’d stop. i thought deep and deeper into my memory to come up with all the equal parts of my life to make it whole and complete. i haven’t had caffeine in over 30 years. i run on genuine energy 🙂

What was your ‘go to’ band while writing your own life story?  

honestly i had no music when i wrote. i had to keep it silent to really pull out all the emotions i needed inside me to make the book the very best it could be. i’d type for hours upon hours some days, and i sure made up for quiet time with endless music after the fact.

Knowing of your style, this might seem a silly question, but did you ever feel embarrassed or even hesitate to tell any of the stories from your past?

Not at all. nothing embarrasses me in the least. never has, never will! what you see is what you get. i wanted the good the bad and the ugly (all pun intended) in the book! and it’s all 100% truth. no stories are re imagined or contrived to ‘juicy’ up the book. i indeed lived all of the book!

Did you ask anyone to participate and they declined?

Everyone I asked did contribute. a few people sadly disappeared during the time of it though. i really wanted one of my earliest music friends Bill Ford in the book. after agreeing to write something for it he wasn’t able to be found all the way to the finish line. i’d of loved to have had some words from him in the book.

I know your wife and son both contributed to your book, did they have any say in the editing process and have they read the book?  If yes, what did they say?

No one wrote the actual life story but me. Mike Sloan looked it over and made considerations, but it was just me. a ton of people around the world were asked to make comments that were put at the end of chapters in the book just to get perspectives on me from people i know. my second wife Tara contributed some words when asked to comment on me, as did my son Kingsley.

You spoke of a number of supernatural experiences in your life. Do you still have a connection to the other-world possibilities or now that you are a bit more stable in your life, have the frequencies of those experiences diminished?

Everything I’ve seen and witnessed in my life i stand by. every now and then something weird will come into my life still, you just never know when something odd is going to happen. the weird and strange is part of it. life is a wild ride.

How has initial response been to your book?

Very good. people have been thanking me for my in-depth honesty and found it a very easy read and a book they had a hard time putting down. i guess that’s the best i could hope for as the author. i thank anyone for taking the time to read my story. cheers to ya’!

What was the most revealing or life-changing aspect about writing your own life story?

just reliving my life. the happy parts, the sad parts. the death of loved ones was tough. my emotions ran the gamut during the writing of the book. it did change my thoughts at times for the day. i would at times get lost in life and what I’ve personally been through with mine. it was overwhelming at times.

This is a tough but fair question.  Where does ‘IT’ come from?  Where do you find your drive, that uncanny ability to keep going when so many others have failed or given up?

In my heart! what i do i do because i love it. i can never stop doing something i love. i give life my all and the things i love in life always take top priority. integrity, add in full sincerity and genuine passion for what I’ve chosen to do with my life and this completes me!

We will finish with a Deceased question!  Do you have any news on your forthcoming album GHOSTLY WHITE?

It’s almost finally written. about 3 riffs to go. hope to record it over the winter at Oblivion studios and have it out March/April 2018 on Hells Headbangers records. its 100% Deceased and i’m looking forward to getting in and recording it!

Thank you and here is to another 25 ugly years! cheers to ya and many thanks for the support and interest in the book! take care!