BRIAN VOLLMER Of HELIX’s Second Solo LP, ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ Available For Pre-Order

GET YER HANDS DIRTY is now ready for pre-sale on both CD and vinyl. Brent Doerner did the artwork, and once agan, did a fantastic job. I must mention the photography here as well…Victor Azziz did the cover art (Victor has been my personal photographer for many years now and has been the guy behind the lens for many Helix albums) and Ted Van Boort took the back cover shot which everyone has been raving about since he posted it on Facebook after our Ancaster show. But the whole story behind this disc has been one of synchronicity. Everything just fell into place as we went along-to Gavin agreeing to do the disc in the first place-right up to the last recording session which had Danko Jones add his voice to the lead track.

This is NOT a Helix album. The sound is much more “blues rock” than it is “heavy metal.” I expect the song to go to radio by the end of next week, so hopefully we’ll pick up a few stations across Canada.

Yesterday John Hockley (my computer guy) came over to the house and we spent the entire day loading the songs onto CD Baby for digital download. It’s a difficult process for those of us who are computer challenged; hence the reason for bringing in John. Now that we’ve gone through the process of loading all the info to the CD Baby site we have to wait for 8 days until the cover songs receive the mechanical licenses, which allows me to put them up there.

So…if you want to support me on this, the obvious way is to buy a digital download of the album, or a hard copy CD, or a vinyl album. When the single GET YER HANDS DIRTY is released next week I’ll probably post the song to Facebook as well.…/get-yer-hands-dirty-bria…/…/get-yer-hands-dirty-bria…/