Aethernaeum call it quits

Aethernaeum with sad news. The upcoming gigs at the Rock For Roots festival on Sep. 1st in Nauen/Germany and on Sep. 30th at Jugendfunkhaus Berlin will be the last ones for the Folk Black Metal band.

“For some of us musical, time and personal priorities have changed that much in the last months and years, that we decided to put the band to rest for now. We can’t say at the moment if it’s going to be an ultimate farewell or for a certain amount of time, since we want to leave all options on the table, particularly since we’re all still friends. But we don’t want to let you wait for new material and gigs in vain and prefer to be honest. To bid farewell won’t be easy, but sometimes it’s better to end things before they become a necessity and don’t feel like an adventure anymore.”

The current album “Naturmystik” and the vinyl single “Zwischen zwei Welten” are also available as a package with a huge discount in the webshops of Einheit Produktionen and Aethernaeum.



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