Welch, Chris – The Iron Maiden Vault (Book Review)

Reviewed: August 2017
Released: 2016, Carlton Books
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Hard cover collectible memorabilia book. short but loaded with cool stuff.

I was just happening along one day at a book store to get a map and boom! There it sat on the shelf. A giant, hard bound book titled: The Iron Maiden Vault. So like any good Iron Maiden freak I thought to myself, gees, another Iron Maiden book. Who needs another Iron Maiden book? Surely not me. So 40 buck later, out the door I go with a new Iron Maiden book. And I’ll be damned if I get home and forgot to buy a darn map!

This is not a definitive history or lengthy biography. It only clocks in at 62 pages which are oversized at 9 ½ x 11 inch pages. It comes in a hard covered slipcase and includes lots and lots of goodies. Goodies that I swear Welch could have borrowed from me as I have a few of the originals in my collection. I’ll explain in a bit.

Accompanying the large amount of great photos are a few words. Well more than a few I would say. I really like how Welch wrote each section. They play off as more of a review than a story. Mainly the album descriptions. It does start off with some pretty basic information about the formation of the band in the early years. And that is okay as there is always something new to learn. And from time to time, I read something about Maiden and think, hmm, didn’t know that. There were a couple of those moments here. Maybe not for some Maiden fans, but for me. So as it rolls along, there are brief 2 page descriptions of each of the bands albums. They are more like a track by track album review filled with various tidbits about the songs and some of the writing recording process. Mixed in the list of releases are sections on each (current) band member as well as Paul Dianno and Blaze Bayley. There is also a nice section towards the end of the book that talks a bit about Clive Burr and some of the other members for the early, early days. The real gem of this book is the goodies I mentioned earlier. Mr. Welch must be from California as a majority of the memorabilia which is included with the book comes from shows that were in Cali. I now have nicer versions of the original sweat drenched ticket stubs from when I was a teen following the band in Northern California.

Goodies include album promo posters, concert promo posters, concert tickets, back stage passes, etc. These are in NO WAY originals, but they are really good replicas. I am very stocked to now have some of these. First time I heard Waysted was at that exact show with Y&T in San Jose. Now the dilemma is whether or not to leave them in the nice pockets of the book, or display them proudly on the wall.

So there you have it. As a fan, if you have read the numerous Iron Maiden books out there, do not worry. This one is just different enough to really make it worth owning. That is without all the goodies that are included. Those made it not as tough to drop the 40 bucks on this. It is a nicely put together and I recommend this to all.

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Publisher: Carlton Books
Pages: 92