Kreator – Remastered Vinyl LP

Reviewed: August 2017
Released: 2017, Noise Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Last Month fellow staffer, Robert Williams reviewed the new Kreator remastered CD’s. He gave them positive reviews and rightfully so as they are fantastic. I have them on CD and LP so I wanted to post my thoughts on the vinyl versions as Robert covered the CD’s perfectly. I am doing this slightly different than the normal way we do reviews. Where these are reissues and they were covered individually last Month I decided to do this as a whole. We are all familiar with the music or if not, this is the ideal time to discover the band.

Much like Celtic Frost, Kreator were a daily dietary staple of my high school days. With Frost it was the “Circle Of The Tyrants” video and for Kreator it was “Toxic Trace”. I recall many afternoons in my final year of skipping class and watching the aforementioned videos we had taped off on our parents VCR’s. Then out comes the video for “Betrayer” which blew us away. Immediately we had to find the new tape which wasn’t easy in a small town with no record store except for the local Woolco. We were resourceful and located it thanks to Metal mags and postal money orders.

Fast forward nearly three decades to 2017.
When I heard these were coming I was psyched as all my Kreator except the new on is on CD so it would be the perfect time to get my favourite two on LP. Then I saw the cover artwork and thought..What The Fuck? I was not impressed that the original LP covers had been altered. I wrote to Noise Records and they explained that this was done by the band. Then the more I saw it the more it grew on me. Now, I kind of like it as it easily distinguishes it from the original pressings. Three of the 4 titles have nice gatefold covers with EXTREME AGGRESSION being the odd one out with its extra sleeve. All have lyrics on the inner sleeves and the cardboard gatefolds are filled with photos and information on the band.

The albums themselves are flawless. All are flat, quiet and cantered, but most importantly sound fantastic. The bass and drums are turned up in the mix a bit more but other than that they are the same as the originals just with improved sound. These are very well done from every angle. The only flaw is that there is no booklet included. That would have been a welcomed addition. Hopefully these will be a success and the powers that be will issue more of the catalog, at least COMA OF SOULS.


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