DELIUSS – Heavy Rock Band // Online Game // Transmedia Thriller Story

An immersive sci-fi social media experience combined with web-based challenges and missions supporting the release of new original rock music.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – May 10, 2017- Launching today, the DELIUSS online interactive media experience is coupled with the multi-stage release of new music by DELIUSS the band.

Participants must enlist (no cost) and listen to audio clips, collect clues/codes, and go on social missions dictated by DELIUSS HQ.

Far more than just a heavy rock band, DELIUSS is establishing a new means of fan engagement by way of social media missions and web-based training activities that reward participants with original music by the band.

Created by Dan Cornelius, best known as a professional touring and session drummer, DELIUSS features heavy rock riffs and rhythmic pounding drums. These elements attracted collaboration with several of Canada’s top musicians and comic illustrators.

The self-titled debut album from DELIUSS was produced by Juno Award-winning producer Rob Szabo and contains three songs that were licensed to the UFC. The visual/experiential portion of DELIUSS was created in collaboration with illustrators John Gallagher (Flash) and Ken Barthelmey (Maze Runner) and co-writer Nev Bezaire, creator of the award-winning stop animation short “Foxed!”.

“This is an exciting launch combining musical visual, participatory, and storytelling elements,” says Cornelius. “DELIUSS isn’t just a band and it’s not just a game: it’s a fully immersive multimedia experience.”

Please visit to enlist and begin Training Module 1. Follow Deliuss on Instagram for social missions at @Deliuss_HQ



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